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1.) DParker - 08/21/2017
An image projected onto the pavement at the top of our parking garage using the pin-hole-in-a-sheet-of-paper method 20 minutes ago. We got about 80% of totality here. It's a grainy image, but it was the best I could manage with such a crude setup.

2.) bluecat - 08/21/2017
Just came off the parking garage like DP. We experienced 98.9%. Overcast so only saw a glimpse. Figured it would be very dark and it was not. Thanks for the pic DP.
3.) DParker - 08/21/2017
[QUOTE=bluecat;51016]Just came off the parking garage like DP. We experienced 98.9%. Overcast so only saw a glimpse. Figured it would be very dark and it was not. Thanks for the pic DP.[/QUOTE]

Did you notice it getting significantly cooler outside?
4.) bluecat - 08/21/2017
Didn't notice a change in temperature. It is overcast and rainy so I just caught about 3 4-sec glimpses of it.
5.) Swamp Fox - 08/21/2017
I don't know what percentage I got here. I almost went down to SC to get in the path since I have plenty of contacts there, but it sounded like a zoo and I figured I might need more important favors later. If it weren't the height of heat and skeeter season I might have camped, but it seemed like too much trouble. LOL

Here it got noticeably darker, with a strange slate-blue sky and a late-afternoon feeling in the shade, but bright sun where there wouldn't be bright sun in the late afternoon. The sun was behind the treetops where I am, so I didn't try to peek at it (much). If I go blind, it probably won't be from this eclipse anyway.

I worked from home today mostly because I wanted to see what the garanimals would do, if anything. Other than the usual enthusiastic greeting from the puddytats at feeding time and a doe crossing my driveway at 9:30, it was pretty much business as usual. Little Miss Tarzan took a nap in the shade on one of the kayaks, and Mr. Boots came out from under the deck to lie on a walkway stone during the darkest period. Once the eclipse had passed, a few of my other regular customers came out from their hidey-holes to eat some Friskies, but that was it.

I'll be submitting this to National Geographic for their big special edition, so keep your eyes peeled.
6.) Wild Bob - 08/21/2017
We were supposed to be in the 83% +/- range of totality. I took this picture through my welding helmet just fooling around. It appears to me that I was getting some reflection between the lens of my camera and the glass in the helmet...but if you look just below the larger brighter reflection image, you can see the crescent image that was visible to my eye when looking through the helmet.

Thought it was kind of cool. We did get some weird light discoloration, and the temperature did drop noticeably.
7.) Swamp Fox - 08/21/2017
That reminds me. I need some stuff welded.
8.) DParker - 08/21/2017
Good pic, Bob. We had a guy bring a welding helmet into the office. It worked pretty well when viewing through the tinted office windows, but when we went outside it produced all sorts of weird distortions, multi-images, etc.
9.) Swamp Fox - 08/21/2017
Some pics from North and South Carolina, plus some from some of the lesser states: