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1.) DParker - 10/24/2017
...under "What's the point?"

[URL="http://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2017/10/24/bacon-low-fat-pigs/"]CBS Pittsburgh: ‘CRISPR’ Bacon? Scientists Create Low-Fat Pigs[/URL]

2.) Swamp Fox - 10/24/2017
I keep waiting for wild pork to take off, but other than a very few places, nobody's selling it. I had a thread or at least a post on this a while back. Everyone was probably out hunting that day and that's why they missed it. :wink

I've never tried to make wild bacon, so I don't know, but useable pork bellies seem like a good excuse to put pressure on the big hogs that people turn their noses up at otherwise.

I've never been married to the big pig (esp. boars) = rank meat, or rank smell = rank meat thing, but it's hard to talk people out of it.

I'd like to see more places where people could bring their hogs, drop them off and drive away. Then, magically, lots of wild pork -- including lean bacon -- appears on the shelves at the Piggly Wiggly.
3.) DParker - 10/25/2017
I just think this underscores the need for more emphasis on ethics in scientific research. I mean, where does this sort of madness end? One day they're sucking all the flavor out of our pork, and before you know it there are cloned velociraptors running through our streets and chowing down on Samuel L. Jackson.

Won't [i]somebody[/i] think of the children?!!!
4.) bluecat - 10/25/2017
Do you remember the commercial where the guy says fish taste fishy? No sh!t Sherlock. And bacon has fat.
5.) Jon - 10/25/2017
Well, on a side note: someone has made a sex doll that does housework, maybe scientists should....
6.) Swamp Fox - 10/25/2017

Futurama - Don't date robots from John Pope on Vimeo.

[B][SIZE=2]One in four would date a robot: [/SIZE][/B]


"Millenials! Amirite?"
7.) bluecat - 10/25/2017
Do these robots leave their panty hose strung all over the bathroom? If not, I might be in for one...or two. :wink
8.) Swamp Fox - 10/25/2017
You think you have it bad now ...

9.) DParker - 10/25/2017
"Don't laugh. If I can teach this frog to make biscuits you're [i]outta'[/i] here!"
10.) Swamp Fox - 10/25/2017
11.) Swamp Fox - 11/02/2017
[QUOTE=DParker;52635]...under "What's the point?"

[URL="http://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2017/10/24/bacon-low-fat-pigs/"]CBS Pittsburgh: ‘CRISPR’ Bacon? Scientists Create Low-Fat Pigs[/URL]