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1.) DParker - 11/26/2018
I'm often struck by some of the interesting mushrooms and other fungi I encounter in the woods. This is by no means the biggest, prettiest or most unusual that I've seen...but it's the first one I've bothered to take a photo of. Over 1 ft across, growing on the ground and looking like a blooming flower:

What say y'all snap pics of the next interesting looking fungal critter(s) you come across and post it/them here.
2.) bluecat - 11/26/2018
Let me look in the fridge right quick to see what's growing in there.
3.) DParker - 11/26/2018
The grout between shower tiles usually makes for pretty good hunting grounds too.
4.) Bob Peck - 11/27/2018
How about this one?

It's called Lions Mane fungus. Through the binos from a distance it looked like some kind of furry softball sized creature that didn't move for several hours while on stand. It looks like it's be soft to the touch but it wasn't. Kinda rough and spiny feel.

5.) DParker - 11/27/2018
That looks kinda' like a tree-dwelling porcupine that uses really good conditioner.
6.) Bob Peck - 11/28/2018
[QUOTE=DParker;57375]That looks kinda' like a tree-dwelling porcupine that uses really good conditioner.[/QUOTE]
Apparently it's edible and has medicinal purposes. It's also known as monkey head mushroom, bearded tooth mushroom, satyr's beard, bearded hedgehog mushroom, pom pom mushroom, or bearded tooth fungus.

It might be medicinal but I think I'll stick to Advil and beer.:ach:
7.) Swamp Fox - 11/29/2018
Cool. Never seen anything like either of those around here that I recall.