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1.) DParker - 06/07/2013
[url=http://forums.huntingcountry.com/forums/member.php?16-DParker]DParker[/url] has reported a post.


I posted this video a few days ago and it was fine, but since then something has caused its formatting and behavior to change. Among other things, it begins playing immediately when the page is loaded, which is obviously undesirable. Since I'm well past the time when I'm allowed to modify the post, can you do me a favor and just go ahead and nuke it so it doesn't cause problem for others?

Post: [url=http://forums.huntingcountry.com/forums/showthread.php?299&p=6379#post6379]Friday music vids[/url]
Forum: Podunk Corner
Assigned Moderators: N/A

Posted by: [url=http://forums.huntingcountry.com/forums/member.php?16-DParker]DParker[/url]
Original Content: [quote]Found it! Here's what started it all back in '81. I watched it while chugging a pitcher of Miller Lite (hey, I was only 20) at my favorite bar/billiards joint....