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1.) DParker - 01/23/2014
While watching [I]Breaking Bad[/I] it struck me how much of a difference the wearing of a hat (and not just any hat, but this particular one) made in Bryan Cranston's screen image:

This got me to reflecting on how the wearing of hats (real hats, not caps) by men was standard for centuries, only to pretty much die out over the past few decades in this country. You see a few individualists sporting classic fedoras and the like every now and then but they're very much the exception. I think it takes the right combination of head shape and facial features to pull it off without looking goofy. But when it works it seems to lend an air of masculine sophistication. I've tried it..but find that I just don't have that look. Or maybe I do and am just too self-conscious. I don't know.

Then I stumbled across the most impressive example of manly hat-wearing ever, and realized that no matter what, I will never look this awesome in any hat, ever...so why even try...

You can actually buy that here...if you really think you've got enough Grizzly Adams in you to rock the look:

2.) Floyd - 01/23/2014
Are hats making a come back?

BULLZ-i would rock the grizzly adams hat.
3.) DParker - 01/23/2014
I think the epic beard is a must-have for wearing any hat made from a fangs-baring racoon with horns and 5 tails. He's like a viking...from Kentucky.
4.) luv2bowhunt - 01/23/2014
Then there are some who just wear it, no matter what others might think. Does this fit the mold of someone who can pull it off? Should've started a poll on this.:wink

5.) Alex - 01/23/2014
Here, I'll make it easy for you

Haters gonna hate..
hatters gonna hat.
6.) Jon - 01/23/2014
I think we're also leaving out one tall, skinny goober who always wears a hat.......
7.) DParker - 01/23/2014
The fur cap with ear flaps has it goin' on. I'll bet that keeps the ol' dome nice and toasty.
8.) Alex - 01/23/2014
[QUOTE=DParker;15097]The fur cap with ear flaps has it goin' on. I'll bet that keeps the ol' dome nice and toasty.[/QUOTE]
hell yeah it does. Get too warm.. instant air conditioning when it comes off.
I have 3 of them now lol.
3 leather hats
couple of bushwhacking hats
countless baseball caps (which i rarely wear)

hold over from army... bald maggots dont go outside without their cap.
9.) bluecat - 01/23/2014

I like hats.
10.) Wild Bob - 01/23/2014
Most of the time, I opt for the basic ball cap. But here's some shots of my other favorite hats in action:



Summer hat:






11.) Deerminator - 01/23/2014
Thank god for hats.
Ya have any idea how blinding bald guys are:ek:
12.) Swamp Fox - 01/23/2014

Now that I have put the infernal behind-the-head, between-the-shoulders four-point safety harness tether behind me, so to speak (and for the last time), I can get back to wearing my big-ass hats in the treestand (for rifle hunting at least). And I wouldn't rule out spraying down the famous Swamp Fox bowhunting BAH for old times' sake... :wink
13.) DParker - 01/23/2014
[QUOTE=Wild Bob;15110]Summer hat:


You have an arrow in your Tipton Gun Vise. I'm pretty sure that voids the warranty.
14.) Wild Bob - 01/24/2014
DParker: Hahahahha! Well, I didn't shoot there...just waiting in line on my little makeshift assembly line.

No wonder they wouldn't take that piece of junk back. :lol:

Actually, speaking for me; I'm not bald (yet...just a tad thin up on the very top) I just like hats. And, I think the right had adds a bit of statement to a guy (I just haven't figured out what yet!)
15.) Deerminator - 01/24/2014
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;15150][/QUOTE]