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what is a fair price for 22lr ammo? Deerminator 05/12/2015
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Phoney booth Deerminator 04/05/2015
agent 301 Deerminator 04/05/2015
Tips and stradgiets of how to use other hunters to your advantage. Deerminator 04/04/2015
How do you think the weather effects your turkey hunting, Deerminator 04/01/2015
tHE aRCHERS OF bUTON Deerminator 03/30/2015
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3 of a perfict pair Deerminator 03/23/2015
Life Durring Wartime Deerminator 03/23/2015
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HISTORYm It's good to be the King Deerminator 03/12/2015
Bullz-i Deerminator 02/26/2015
sure is quiet aroud here Deerminator 02/23/2015
O'Keef music foundation-- school kids--AMAZING Also Shara and Sound device Deerminator 02/15/2015
Start'n off right Deerminator 02/10/2015
Gas prices are jumping Deerminator 02/09/2015
It's not Friday but what the heck let's have some horse power Deerminator 02/03/2015
SEA HAWKS----OR NEW ENGLAND Deerminator 01/29/2015
What goodies are ya cook'n up for the super bowl? Deerminator 01/26/2015
The question is..... Deerminator 01/06/2015
HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERY ONE Deerminator 01/01/2015
Anyone have any good quick, easy orederv (SP) recipes? Deerminator 12/27/2014
MERRY CHRISTMASS EVERYONE Deerminator 12/23/2014
DEER BEHVYOR QUESTION Deerminator 12/22/2014
Santa Deerminator 12/16/2014
The pricw of gas Deerminator 12/15/2014
Deerminators , ( not so frequent ), Friday music Vids Deerminator 12/05/2014
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V- bullitan again?? Deerminator 11/21/2014
what's the weather like in your neck of the woods? Deerminator 11/12/2014
God Bless Deerminator 11/11/2014
TtHE OLD BUTCHER Deerminator 11/11/2014
THE OLD SHERRIF Deerminator 11/11/2014
outerlimits Deerminator 10/15/2014
iS THERE ANY BODY OUT THERE? Deerminator 10/11/2014
iS THERE ANY BODY OUT THERE? Deerminator 10/11/2014
Hunting country survay Deerminator 10/05/2014
what do cows sing at there birthday parties? Deerminator 09/28/2014
WHEAR"S THE DEER CONTEST THREAD Deerminator 09/15/2014
COWS WITH GUNS Deerminator 09/12/2014
West Virginya peanut butter trick. Deerminator 09/12/2014
COWS Deerminator 09/11/2014
goat / cow song Deerminator 09/11/2014
The life of an inbread mountain cow Deerminator 09/11/2014
What do you call a herd of cows Deerminator 09/04/2014
What is a cow's favorite lunch meat? Deerminator 08/06/2014
got a problem with a flashlight Deerminator 08/04/2014
BOUGFHT A BOX OF 50 22WM AT 20.00 EVEN Deerminator 08/04/2014
What do you call a cow you can't see? Deerminator 08/01/2014
The Old Man]A farmer in the field with his cows counted 196 of them, but when he Deerminator 07/30/2014
A Religious Cowboy Deerminator 07/28/2014
2 hr FINDING BIGFOOT FINALY SHOW STARTS AT 8:00 Deerminator 07/27/2014
A NEAR MISS? HUGE SOLOR STORM Deerminator 07/26/2014
What do you get if you cross an angry sheep and a moody cow Deerminator 07/25/2014
Q: Do you know why the cow jumped over the moon? Deerminator 07/25/2014
IS IT FRIDAY? Deerminator 07/21/2014
RUSSA HAS A HOLE IN IT. Deerminator 07/17/2014
: Where do the cows go on Saturday night Deerminator 07/16/2014
COE OR CHICKEN? Deerminator 07/14/2014
A summer visitor asked the farmer how long cows should be milked Deerminator 07/14/2014
Did you hear about the farmer who lost control of his tractor in the cow pasture? Deerminator 07/13/2014
If you had a gun and you were being chased by a bull and a mountain lion Deerminator 07/12/2014
the secret behind whipped cream Deerminator 07/07/2014
What kind of milk comes from a forgetful cow? Deerminator 07/07/2014
Q: What is a cow's favorite rock band? Deerminator 07/05/2014
What do you call a cow with no legs? Deerminator 07/05/2014
What does a cow clean her kitchen with? Deerminator 06/23/2014
Why did the cow cross the road? Deerminator 06/23/2014
COWS WITH GUNS Deerminator 06/22/2014
TWO COWS WALK INTO A BAR-------- Deerminator 06/22/2014
What do you call a cow with 2 legs? Deerminator 06/22/2014
How does a cow do math? Deerminator 06/22/2014
45 - What do cows like to do at amoosement parks? Deerminator 06/16/2014
37 - Does running out of a burning barn make a cow unusual? Deerminator 06/12/2014
40 - Why do cows wear bells around their necks? Deerminator 06/11/2014
What do you get if you cross a cow, a french fry, and a sofa Deerminator 06/11/2014
CRUSH 40 Deerminator 06/10/2014
- Why did the farmer put his cow on the scales? Deerminator 06/08/2014
- What do you call a herd of cows in a psychiatrists office? Deerminator 06/06/2014
What do you call it when cows do battle in outer space? Deerminator 06/05/2014
Why don't cows ever have any money? Deerminator 06/05/2014
15 - What do you get if you cross a cow with a spaniel, a poodle, and a rooster? Deerminator 06/05/2014
What do ya call a cow that eats your grass???? Deerminator 06/02/2014
What do ya call a cow that plays an instrument? Deerminator 05/29/2014
GOOD Morning Deerminator 05/29/2014
Who's got the highest post count. Deerminator 05/22/2014
American Made Deerminator 05/20/2014
I'm nibbling on Deerminator 05/13/2014
do any of the lurkers recognize the shirt in the lucky shirt post? Deerminator 05/11/2014
The lucky shirt Deerminator 05/11/2014
How does the eweather influnce the turkey? Deerminator 05/06/2014
Ultraman Deerminator 05/05/2014
FogHorn Leghorn Deerminator 05/01/2014
I Hates Rabbits Deerminator 05/01/2014
Wild Turkey Suprise Deerminator 05/01/2014
OPENS TOMORROW!!!! Deerminator 04/30/2014
Minons Deerminator 04/28/2014
I'm Happy Deerminator 04/28/2014
My new Bluecat sling Deerminator 04/28/2014
Tornado ally Deerminator 04/26/2014
2 worlds collide Deerminator 04/25/2014
STAR WARS Deerminator 04/25/2014
Pipeline Deerminator 04/24/2014
Dreams of absolution Deerminator 04/24/2014
HAPPY EASTER Deerminator 04/19/2014
Glese 581G Deerminator 04/18/2014
Alex, I have a question Deerminator 04/18/2014
Team 3 Deerminator 04/17/2014
Gotta have the bayonet with a laser Deerminator 04/16/2014
Deerminaytors Monday movie clips Deerminator 04/14/2014
Red Moon Deerminator 04/14/2014
Anyone do'n any FISH"N? Deerminator 04/13/2014
ULTIMET WARRIOR Deerminator 04/09/2014
Some good old fashion shooting Deerminator 03/30/2014
God of Thunder Deerminator 03/26/2014
Just ordered new release friendly gloves Deerminator 03/26/2014
Anyone for Trout fishing Deerminator 03/18/2014
Sonic Deerminator 03/18/2014
WOW! Deerminator 03/18/2014
Found a new pistol Deerminator 03/13/2014
Hey Alex, Hows the snow up there? Deerminator 02/28/2014
RC ice racer Deerminator 02/13/2014
S carolina Deerminator 02/13/2014
The PUPPY BOWL Deerminator 02/02/2014
rautrow George That bowfish'n post did it Deerminator 01/24/2014
Can't wait tell May 15th on the Onondoga Deerminator 01/24/2014
Jose Jalapeno on a steeck Deerminator 01/17/2014
The age old question Deerminator 01/16/2014
New Bigfoot show $10,000,000 Deerminator 01/04/2014
A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Deerminator 12/24/2013
38spl or 380 Deerminator 12/05/2013
A few tunes Deerminator 12/03/2013
It was just not his day Deerminator 11/23/2013
What did my girl say Deerminator 11/04/2013
NY OPENER TOMARROW Deerminator 10/01/2013
Doomday Prepper show...unbelievable Deerminator 09/08/2013
Anyone know of a good place to find really good holsers? Deerminator 08/24/2013
Guess what this is Deerminator 08/21/2013
A turkey vulture is after Toxo's cat Deerminator 08/21/2013
It ain't Friday.....but I'm just in the mood. Deerminator 08/20/2013
Love this commerical Deerminator 08/18/2013
Turey hunting tactic by The Turtle Man Deerminator 08/16/2013
Our suns magnetic field is bout to switch Deerminator 08/11/2013
Can't find a sensitivity control for the touch pad Deerminator 08/08/2013
Shelby the swamp man Deerminator 08/07/2013
Noth'n Deerminator 08/06/2013
Having difficulties finding a camp. Deerminator 08/03/2013
The 410ga shot gun Deerminator 07/25/2013
Compairing a derringer,baby browning and a NAA mini revolver Deerminator 07/17/2013
Snuffy the seal Deerminator 07/16/2013
What's everyone been up to since I've been out of commision?A Deerminator 06/21/2013
Doctors visit Deerminator 04/23/2013
Friday music vids Deerminator 04/19/2013
DEERMINATORS FIRDAY MUSIC VIDS...Vol 5 Deerminator 04/12/2013
This is what I'm talk'n bout Deerminator 04/08/2013
Final 4 Deerminator 04/07/2013
DEERMINATORS FRIDAY MUSIC VIDS Vol5 Deerminator 04/05/2013
Anyone here from Dino?? Deerminator 03/31/2013
Deerminators Friday Music Vids....Vol4 Deerminator 03/29/2013
CRAP!..My computers stereo speakers died. Deerminator 03/27/2013
DEERMINATORS FRIDAY MUSIC VID'S Vol3 Deerminator 03/22/2013
Has anybody seen a 4" 44mag? Deerminator 03/18/2013
Deerminators Friday Music Vid's Vol 2 Deerminator 03/15/2013
Getting info about the aderondacks Deerminator 03/14/2013
Marlin Firearms was sold Deerminator 03/12/2013
DEERMINATORS FRIDAY MUSIC VIDS vol1 Deerminator 03/08/2013
Who's go'n trout fish'n Deerminator 03/08/2013
Dang! Try'n to catch up on all the threads Deerminator 03/08/2013
TAADAAAAA!!!!!! Deerminator 03/07/2013