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1.) Deerminator - 03/07/2013
:grin: :grin: :grin:

2.) Alex - 03/07/2013
He strolls in fashionably late with the music turned up :-)
Welcome back brother.
3.) hoyt_em - 03/07/2013
Grand entrance? Or big slacker??

What's up D!
4.) luv2bowhunt - 03/07/2013
Last one in buys the beer.......

Who's Deerminator?

No seriously, who is he?
5.) Swamp Fox - 03/07/2013
Hey, D!

Your trout thread belongs over here. I don't know anything about trout except seatrout and green trout, but I like pics and stories!

(And just because I know y'all are thinking it: It's these other guys who are experts on trouser trout...especially 1Adam12----What was that signature he used to have? )
6.) Swamp Fox - 03/07/2013
Happy Birthday, by the way!:-)
7.) TRAVELER - 03/07/2013
Friday night music threads tomorrow ?
8.) Ohbuckhunter - 03/07/2013
Welcome buddy. Glad u finally saw the light. :wink:
9.) Mike - 03/07/2013
Hey D :wave:
10.) BULLZ-i - 03/07/2013
11.) Triton Rich - 03/07/2013
Hey deerminator! Glad you made it!
12.) Old Crow - 03/07/2013
What's up D way to rock it out ..... Just in time for friday's music thread !!
13.) Deerminator - 03/07/2013
Strange as it was just as I was replying to Alex's welcome this morning.
The connection failed. ( [I]Figured one of the goats tripped over the extension cord in the barn or something[/I] )


Feels like family already.

Lets see a quick up to date;

Deer season sucked chunks. First time it like 30years, nothing. Not even a draw. Had a nice buck prolly in the 3 1/2yr or better range
30-35yds was the closest. He was chasing does and traveling at warp speed. This happened twice, same deer. ( [I]insert bad language[/I] )
The field was full of pumpkins. First time EVER. Didn't help. I like the alfalfa stuff. Keeps the deer around. Some pumpkins get picked. the rest rots. Then the field turns to dirt/mud.

Tom's grow'n like a weed. Astounding how time flies when you have kids. He has a green belt in karate now. Do'n really good in school.
The things kids come out with as they get older. They have a better command of the language and a brain that's running 200mph. And they're more educated so the level of crazy stuff
keeps rising as well. Some of the best cheap entertainment ever. Sweetie says it MY fault. I tell her the stupid stuff comes from her side:-)

Been kinda of a boring azz winter. Not enough snow to play in or that crappy in between type weather stuff. Alex got a big bunch more snow than we got here:hb:

Gett'n good a Mario cart :-)

Look'n at trout season April 1st. I'll start a thread on that.

Friday music vids.................................I don't know,..............think'n...:cf:..Toms got a 1/2 day tomarrow...:cf:
14.) Deerminator - 03/08/2013
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;1554]Happy Birthday, by the way!:-)[/QUOTE]

15.) bgkyarcher - 03/08/2013
Good to see you, and happy birthday!
16.) Floyd - 03/08/2013
What? You had no place else to go?
17.) BULLZ-i - 03/08/2013
18.) Floyd - 03/08/2013
19.) OKY - 03/08/2013
Howdy D, good to see ya.:wave:
20.) BULLZ-i - 03/08/2013
[B][SIZE=5][COLOR="#0000FF"]H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y

21.) Deerminator - 03/08/2013
22.) Leighton - 03/08/2013
Hi D , happy birthday for yesterday .Is it yesterday or today over there ? it's already tomorrow over here :wink
23.) Deerminator - 03/09/2013
It's right now here, what is it over there?:-)

Hiya Leighton. Think she's going to have a girl?