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1.) Deerminator - 06/22/2015
A Marlin M60:tu:
2.) Swamp Fox - 06/22/2015
Enjoy it!

And don't forget the bayonet lug!

3.) Swamp Fox - 06/22/2015
D, what's the .40 ammo you say you can never find?
4.) Wild Bob - 06/22/2015
Very Cool! Enjoy D. :tu:

I foresee some rabbit and squirrel pot-pie dinners in your future.
5.) Jon - 06/22/2015
I bought myself a new house on 14 acres for fathers day. I think I deserve it.
6.) Wild Bob - 06/22/2015
NICE! Got deer any running around on there?
7.) Jon - 06/22/2015
Of course, deer, turkeys and foxes abound.
8.) Wild Bob - 06/22/2015
Well, cool...sounds like a win/win deal. Now for the big question: does the Mrs. like it?
9.) Jon - 06/22/2015
View from the woods edge towards the house, 116yds to the back deck

 photo 20150621_125633.jpg
10.) Swamp Fox - 06/22/2015
That's great! Congrats!

Remember: It's important to be the master of your domain...

11.) Jon - 06/22/2015
The wife loves it, brand new kitchen and appliances. Gorgeous inside. PLUS, just look at that 36x48 pole barn!
Overhead look at the property

 photo hills market.jpg</div>
				<div style=12.) Wild Bob - 06/22/2015
Very nice! Enjoy.

I can imagine you spending a lot of time on that deck this fall...:-)
13.) Jon - 06/22/2015
The airiel view was from google earth and was from several years ago, the white roof you see in the back is gone now and a brand new pole barn is built now. Here's a pic of that. It has 2, 10' roll up doors in front.

 photo 20150621_125828.jpg
14.) Wild Bob - 06/22/2015
Boy, I already like that pinch-point in the Northwest corner (top / left) of your property...looks like its just begging for stand there...:tu:
15.) Jon - 06/22/2015
The cameras will be up first thing for a few weeks to see whats what. I think the middle tax ditch will be planted with clover and a feeder will be right in the middle. The farmer behind me leases his property to a hunting club so I think if I play it right and let them push the deer to me, it'll work out perfect.
16.) Swamp Fox - 06/22/2015
I was just gonna say...

17.) DParker - 06/22/2015
Wow, nice spread. I think I could retire in a place like that.

Now, the important question: Who has the bigger deck? You or your brother?
18.) billy b - 06/22/2015
That is a beautiful place Jon, Very impressive, I know you will enjoy it, if it just wasn't sooo far:wink
19.) Jon - 06/23/2015
Dan has the biggest deck, it makes him feel good!
This is the place I've been looking for, will be my retirement hideaway and a place where my kds and grandkids (someday) can come enjoy the quiet and hunt with their old man every now and then.
If anyone wants to come visit, my doors are always open. Delaware is a nice quiet place to visit!
20.) billy b - 06/23/2015
I may take you up on that when I get old:wink
21.) Jon - 06/23/2015
I'd be honored to have you come visit. You'll get the secret stand!
22.) Triton Rich - 06/23/2015
[B]Deerminator, I assume you mean the tube magazine .22? That's a fun little rifle!

Jon, what a great looking property! Looks like a little bit of heaven out there :-)[/B]
23.) Wild Bob - 06/23/2015
A very nice offer Jon, thank you. :-)

Your place looks like just what the doctor ordered for retirement, I'm sure you'll enjoy it beyond measure!
24.) Hunter - 06/23/2015
Very nice, Jon. It's going to make it tough to go to work every day.
25.) Hunter - 06/23/2015
[QUOTE=Deerminator;32682]A Marlin M60:tu:[/QUOTE]

Good deal! Good timing too as it seems 22 ammo is back in stock
26.) Deerminator - 06/24/2015
Awesome Jon Beautiful

Yea it's the tube feed model.Pic's commeing soon.
Got to find some more ammo,
Last brick I found was 70$