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1.) Deerminator - 03/31/2013
Wounder what ever happened to him????
2.) JimP - 03/31/2013
Pretty vocal on Facebook.
3.) JimP - 03/31/2013
Going fishing Monday D?
4.) Deerminator - 03/31/2013
I'm not on facebook.

But yea, Tex and I are going up, er, over....north east from here to the Jessup River for native brookies.
Everythings all ready to go.
5.) JimP - 03/31/2013
Nothing like native brookies. How big a stream? I used to like the small ones that didnt hold anything over 12". Those little ones would rip the flyrod right out of your hand. So much fun.
6.) Stewy - 03/31/2013
Haven't heard from Dino in a few years, what about KD, is he still around?
7.) Deerminator - 03/31/2013
KD has been history for a looong time.

It's more like a river than a stream Jim. It flows into Indian Lake.
8.) OKY - 03/31/2013
I just hollered at Dino, we will see.
9.) dino - 03/31/2013
I'm around guys. Good to hear from you Dave. ;)
10.) OKY - 03/31/2013
Good to see you on here my friend.
11.) dino - 03/31/2013
Good to be back brother. :)
12.) OKY - 03/31/2013
How are those trees treating you and how is DDad?
13.) crookedeye - 03/31/2013
[QUOTE=dino;4545]Good to be back brother. :)[/QUOTE]

is that youre hulk hogan voice?
14.) Leighton - 03/31/2013
Glad you finally made it here Dino, we have missed you.
15.) dino - 03/31/2013
Ddad is doing great Dave. We'll be doing some crappy fishing soon.

@CE: with Voodoo Chile playing in the background brother. :)
16.) Stewy - 03/31/2013
Dino, it is great to see you here my friend, How have you been?
17.) crookedeye - 03/31/2013
[QUOTE=dino;4595]Ddad is doing great Dave. We'll be doing some crappy fishing soon.

@CE: with Voodoo Chile playing in the background brother. :)[/QUOTE]

lol i could of swore it was waylon jennings.. good to see you around again buddy..
18.) dino - 04/01/2013
Thanks guys, good to be back. Hunting season was a bust for me this year. I went up to NJ to work hurricane Sandy and only got to hunt about 3 days the entire season. Ddad did well though. He killed 5 deer including two pretty good bucks. Next time I see him I'll get some pics from him and post them.

I do plan to do some turkey hunting soon. :)
19.) billy b - 04/01/2013
Hello Dino, c-mon down for crappie NOW:tu:
20.) Deerminator - 04/01/2013
THERE YA ARE..Bout time.
How's it hang'n?
21.) dino - 04/01/2013
It's dragging D... :)

Sounds great Billy. One of my neighbors actually moved down there on that same lake where you live now... Can't remember the name of it now offhand. I was telling him about the deer you were seeing down there and the fish you were talking about. He built a house right on the lake. His name is Mark Beechie, if by coincidence he lives close to you.
22.) Go Bucks - 04/01/2013
oh my... he's back. Hey Dino. Great to hear from you!
23.) Jon - 04/01/2013
[COLOR="#006400"]Dino has no children[/COLOR]
24.) crookedeye - 04/01/2013
dino have you learned any good knots?
25.) dino - 04/01/2013
Good to see you as well Barry.

CE, I have been using the same handful of knots for years and years. better to know a few knots really well than to know many not so well. LOL!

I do have a resource for The Ashley Book of Knots if you are interested. It's considered by many to be the definitive book of knots. I have a link where you can download the entire book to your computer from one of Florida States servers.
26.) Hunter - 04/01/2013
Dino has returned! :wave:
27.) XJCraver - 04/02/2013
Hi Dino, good to hear from 'ya! :wave:
28.) dino - 04/02/2013
Howdy, howdy. :tu:
29.) luv2bowhunt - 04/02/2013
dino I had my eye on an American Chestnut, waiting for it to produce so I could ship you the chestnuts, but it finally died last year before producing.

The search for a nut bearing American Chestnut continues.................:re:
30.) Ventilator - 04/02/2013
Hey Dino! I know you have been doing well, but, good to see ya around more buddy!:tu:
31.) dino - 04/02/2013
It will probably be pretty hard to find one since you are in the heart of the blight effected area. They are working on a strain that is grafted with the blight resistant Chinese Chestnut. I think it's supposed to be like 1/16: Chinese/American.

I have found a few nut bearing Americans here (no pun intended). All on private land and planted. I worked for a 90 year old guy a couple of years ago that has 4 or 5 on his property and are bearing nuts. No signs of blight on any of the mature trees. I believe we are isolated enough in our area to where blight is not a factor here. As are some other areas in the Midwest and West. Problem is, American Chestnuts are not native here and any that you find have been planted.

The 90 year old guy I mentioned gave me a seedling to plant but it got damaged in high winds and died. He was a pretty interesting guy. He was a retired engineer and had worked on one of the atom bombs that was dropped on Japan. He was actually the last guy to touch the "little boy" bomb before it was loaded on the plane. He had retired from Zebco where he designed and tested reels. Lol, they paid him to travel, fish and test new reels. He was quite a character.
32.) luv2bowhunt - 04/02/2013
I have seen trees here live long enough to grow chestnuts. Usually they bare nuts 1 year and then they die. You have to find just the right combo of living roots, open space, sunlight, mild winters.

When I find one I'm going to send you the chestnuts to plant or eat. Whatever floats your Okie boat.:tu:
33.) dino - 04/02/2013
Sounds good! It would be nice if you could find a mature one that is blight resistant. That is the holy grail... There have been a few found but not many. Those are the ones they are using for the grafting project. Just as you have stated, they usually go one year after maturity, right after they begin to get furrows in their bark, then develop the blight.
34.) Pa bowhunter - 04/02/2013
Hello Dino, good to see you around, i will have to check the chestnut in my back yard, i thought it was an American? and has been producing nuts for years.
35.) luv2bowhunt - 04/03/2013
I'll bet it's a Japanese chestnut.

Reminds me of Monty Python, "what do you mean, African or European swallow?"
36.) Deerminator - 04/03/2013

37.) Swamp Fox - 04/04/2013

38.) billy b - 04/04/2013
That's all we need on here, a bunch of tree huggers:omg:
39.) dino - 04/05/2013
I usually hug one everyday... As I whack it out piece by piece. :)

PA Hunter, I forget how to distinguish between American and other varieties. I rarely every get to see one and have only seen a handful in my entire life.

The ACF is a good resource to find out info like that. Here is a link and a little info on an American Chestnut growing in PA.