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1.) Deerminator - 01/26/2015
I'm going to whip up some mini venison sausage calzones...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2.) Swamp Fox - 01/26/2015
Shrimp are on sale this week, so I'm cooking a couple of pots of gumbo and freezing it so I can take it with me if I'm out of town on Sunday. I doubt it will ruin it, and I have a gumbo jones going on right now so I'm willing to take a chance. Haven't been able to cook any in a couple of months.

I'm still trying to get around to cooking pierogi. I found some pre-made at the store but none with meat in them. Meat would motivate me.

Should I ask Croookedeye for his recipe? :shocked:

3.) Deerminator - 01/26/2015
Sure give it a shot. Some good eats from the old country.
4.) Deerminator - 01/26/2015
Hay!, I could toss a shrimp or to in the calzons
5.) Swamp Fox - 01/26/2015
Follow your heart...That's what Luv2 always does.

6.) bluecat - 01/26/2015
I'm actually looking forward to this superbowl cause I'm a Tom Brady fan. Gumbo sounds awesome for a Superbowl day.
7.) Wild Bob - 01/26/2015
[QUOTE=Deerminator;29009]I'm going to whip up some mini venison sausage calzones...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/QUOTE]

They sound good D!! :tu:
8.) Deerminator - 01/26/2015
They are Bob:grin:
9.) Deerminator - 01/26/2015
If I did use shrimp I could get some of those chinese vegtables. Ya know, bean sprouts and bok choy and leeks. Maybe one of those combo pakages in the frozen food isle.
What kind a sause:cf:
10.) Swamp Fox - 01/26/2015
Teryaki, ginger and soy would be how my experiment would go, in that order.

Oh, and guess what? I'm not sure I shared this, but I finally found wonton wraps. They keep them in the vegetable section! Who knew? No wonder I'd never seen them before. :wink And I found the pre-made pierogi close by, with some deli soups and that kind of thing.

So now here's the deal: Getting women in the ethnic food aisle to help you look for wonton wraps is such a great racket... 99% of them don't know where they are either...I ain't givin' it up! It's like taking horseback riding lessons when you already know how to ride, or hanging out at the post office at Christmas. :-) That's where the women are. Almost the same concept as holding up the wall of the bar near the ladies' room. LOL

If they get wise to the wonton game, I still have the pierogi to fall back on...

11.) Deerminator - 01/26/2015
Check the Organic section:wink
12.) Swamp Fox - 01/26/2015
You mean with the beef livers and the chicken hearts and that kind of thing? LOL
13.) bluecat - 01/26/2015
Does North Carolina have earth women? There's plenty here for sure. They were all at the Obama rally eating rice cakes and hummus. Good times.
14.) Swamp Fox - 01/26/2015
Oh, yeah. I'm just south of one of the largest concentrations. And in the western part of the state, what people often mistake for misty or hazy weather in the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains is actually caused by hippie hygiene practices. Asheville is often fogged in in a cloud mix of patchouli and armpit fumes...

15.) bluecat - 01/26/2015
16.) Deerminator - 01/28/2015
I've Got a problem.
While I was getting the Phyllo pastry out of the freezer I found Wonton wrappers.
What do I do now:cf:
17.) Swamp Fox - 01/28/2015
I bet shrimp are even better in wonton wraps than in calzone crust...:wink
18.) Deerminator - 01/29/2015
OH! they are good, a dab of cocktail sause inside as well.:tu:

With a strong rum and coke.:tu:
19.) Swamp Fox - 01/29/2015
Try some Crosse & Blackwell cocktail or shrimp sauce if you can find it. Or some House Autry. Those two/three might be my favorites. I always set out a minimum of three different sauces so I don't get bored while stuffing my cake hole with delicious creek critters. :grin:
20.) Deerminator - 01/29/2015
Perhaps at the last minute I'll stuff some into small assorted color peppers wink