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1.) Deerminator - 12/27/2014
I'm haveing a small get together and looking for ideas, suggestions? for finger food.
2.) Swamp Fox - 12/27/2014
Do you have squirrels in the house? I mean in the freezer.:wink I have a killer teriyaki skwirl snack I do in the pressure cooker...Tender and yummy...:grin:

Assuming that you're low on skwirl, how about this: take some tender venison sliced thin--or beef or venison cube steak---and marinate it JUST A FEW MINUTES in some Dale's or Moore's (Moore's is much less salty unless you can find the low sodium Dale's). Cut it into strips and roll each over a pepperoncini pepper and a chunk of onion. Peg with one or two toothpicks. Cook about ten minutes on the grill or in the oven. I'd say 350 in the oven, but I almost always do them on the grill, so you might want to try a test run before you serve them up to guests.

You won't be able to keep people away from them. Just don't marinate too long! And that goes for the meat, too!

3.) Deerminator - 12/28/2014
Thanks swampy:tu:sounds good . And yes, squirrel is avalable. I got some around here that are the size of cats.
4.) crookedeye - 12/28/2014
nacho's,jalopeno poppers, chicken wings, baked winglets bake at 400 degrees for 45 minutes..good
5.) Deerminator - 12/28/2014
awesome keep it coming.

Any lurkers feel free to speak up.I know yall like to eat aswell.
6.) Swamp Fox - 12/30/2014
I forgot to mention: See if you can find pepperoncinis marked "mild." I recently bought some at Harris Teeter (store brand was all they had, if I recall) and they were too hot. The jar wasn't marked one way or the other, and I don't remember if jars I've bought elsewhere were marked, either. I just know I've never run across pepperoncinis that were too hot (for the recipe) before that episode, and I've since learned that there is such a difference as "mild" and "hot" pepperoncinis.

If I think of it later today, I'll see if rinsing HT pepperoncinis helps with the heat. Maybe they were just overly-brined or sat in their own juices too long.

Another good little snack is celery filled with cream cheese. I like a little dash of something on top sometimes...red or black pepper, or a spice/herb mix like Tony Chachere's, Lawry's, Cavender's or whatever...Cut the prime part of the celery stalk in half or thirds, and serve with cheese and crackers...
7.) Deerminator - 12/30/2014
I've got one i made a few years ago that came out really good.
Venison wontons.
venison burger browned with finly chopped onions and peppers, hoysin sause.
small dab of meat in wonton fold it up and drop in hot oil.mmmmmmmmmmm:tu:
8.) Swamp Fox - 12/30/2014
Oh, that does sound good! Green peppers? Or what?

Can you find wontons in a regular grocery store? I mean one somewhere where only maybe three people in the county know what a wonton is...
9.) Wild Bob - 12/30/2014
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;28131]Oh, that does sound good! Green peppers? Or what?

Can you find wontons in a regular grocery store? I mean one somewhere where only maybe three people in the county know what a wonton is...[/QUOTE]

Ain't that there a type of Woman??? :-)
10.) Swamp Fox - 12/30/2014
LOL...Pick of the crop, some places, LOL.

But I don't want to run off our Midwestern readers...:wink
11.) Deerminator - 12/30/2014
Green, red, yellow, and any other peppers to taste.
Yes wonton wrspers can be found in most grocery stors.
12.) Swamp Fox - 12/30/2014
I'll have to try that. Don't know why I never thought of a deep-fry venison snack before. :tu:
13.) Swamp Fox - 12/30/2014
I'm a big Triscuits and Wheat Thins fan, but I recently had some Kashi crackers with some elk summer sausage. It was excellent! (Didn't hurt that the sausage was way above par.)

I always thought "froo-froo" when I heard "Kashi" but I think I was wrong. Based on all the hand-wringers and Obama voters who apparently don't like Kashi crackers for nutritional value reasons (not good enough, I take it), I give them two thumbs up!

Kashi---it's not just for Birkenstocks any more...
14.) bluecat - 12/30/2014
Good one Swampy.
15.) Swamp Fox - 12/30/2014
LOL..Good to know someone is paying attention....or at least out there..:wink
16.) Swamp Fox - 12/30/2014
Rinsed some HT peppers tonight...Big improvement. I'll let you know if I find the peppers I usually use. I'm gonna say they're at Food Lion...
17.) Swamp Fox - 12/31/2014
Well, no. Believe it or not, Food Lion had a better selection of pepperoncinis than uptown Harris Teeter (but of course the women weren't as good looking)--- but not what I was looking for. Next stop: Bi-Lo and Piggly Wiggly.

By the way, I couldn't find wonton noodles or wraps at HT. I even tried in the frozen bread section. Who even knew there was such a place? A lady in the ethnic foods section told me about it. I was gonna ask the cute Asian chick who came through that aisle where to find wantons, but I thought that was too obvious and I chickened out. The old gray-haired white lady seemed a safer bet, LOL.

I also discovered that the frozen bread section is where they keep the frozen dumplings. I mean, I'd heard of frozen dumplings, but I never believed there really was such a thing until I saw it with my own eyes. So it was a big night for me.

My New Year's resolution is to get out more. :wink
18.) crookedeye - 01/01/2015
[url]http://allrecipes.com/recipe/potato-dumplings-ii/[/url].... make some of these and dump some beef stroganoff over them..we used to have these as a kid back in Poland during world war 2..
19.) Swamp Fox - 01/01/2015

CE, if I can't find wonton noodles for D's deep-fried venison pockets, what can you suggest? What's the pierogi shortcut?
20.) crookedeye - 01/01/2015
i'll have to check into that.. my brothers the pierogi king..i think you can buy a can of pillusbury and roll it thin pack it with some meat and bake or fry it ...kinda like a runza...
21.) crookedeye - 01/01/2015
runza ....now i'm getting hungry.lol.
22.) Swamp Fox - 01/01/2015
I had to look that up... translated to German: "meat cake".... .Mmmmm....Cake wins again....