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1.) Deerminator - 11/12/2014
the coldand wind is just startiong here giv ya an up date in the morning.
2.) Forkie McRut - 11/13/2014
Gonna be
3.) Pa bowhunter - 11/13/2014
The cold is definitely setting in here in Pa.
4.) Swamp Fox - 11/13/2014
Shorts and flip-flops lately. :-)

The cold comes in on Friday.
5.) Deerminator - 11/13/2014
They say that the gulf stream will go as far south as northern Florida.
Probably be some power outages, and lots of accedents.
Stay safe
6.) billy b - 11/13/2014
I'm freezing, it's 37 right now, gotta go to Tulsa on company business @ AM tomorrow morning, likely won't get back home till 9ish pm, looks like no snow up there though.
7.) Swamp Fox - 11/13/2014
Honk when you go by Dino's house!

I miss that lil feller...
8.) bluecat - 11/13/2014
Damn frigid. Hunted on Veteran's Day and took my Heater Body Suit. It was in the low 20's with a 40 mile an hour wind. I stayed warm but it was a test.
9.) Deerminator - 11/13/2014
It's been in the mid 30's most of the morning . Just got to 40.Calm. maybe a slight breese.
Sposta get worse as the afternoon progresses. Snow might miss me. Many times it goes straight twards Alex or just south.
10.) bow-fishhunter - 11/13/2014
11.) Wild Bob - 11/13/2014
We had 8" of snow last week, -8 deg F on Tuesday night low, -12 this morning low, and supposed to be -13 tomorrow morning. Highs have been teens since last week. Add in the wind chills and its been running -25 below.

Had to start plugging the dam vehicles in! :-)
12.) Deerminator - 11/14/2014
upper 20's this morning sunny and a slight breeze.will get snow later today. got some last night. snowed most of the afternoon watch. didn"t see any deer.
13.) Deerminator - 11/14/2014
Since this morning we got another inch or two of wet snoww. ( kinda nice ).
mid 30'slight breeze
14.) Leighton - 11/15/2014
It's lovely and sunny here in Vegas .
15.) crookedeye - 11/15/2014
its sunny here and the corn is ready to be picked...
16.) ARCHERXP - 11/16/2014
Cold as -30 but been sitting around 0
17.) Deerminator - 11/16/2014
18.) Deerminator - 11/16/2014
They strarted cutting the corn the seconday of the season over here.:rag([I] insert bad language[/I] )

Hay Leighton, play 32black for me, $50.00 :tu::-)
19.) Swamp Fox - 11/17/2014
[QUOTE=ARCHERXP;27141]Cold as -30 but been sitting around 0[/QUOTE]

I saw that weather map the other day...No thanks! :ek:
20.) Deerminator - 11/17/2014
Today is wet . Rain and slush falling from the sky. breezey . taday started in the low to mid 30"s upper 20's to low 30's in the stand.
cloudy, slushy, soggy typ of day.
21.) Swamp Fox - 11/17/2014
Seventies and soggy today. It cools off a little in a couple of days, and clears. The weekend was chilly.

Looking wet from Sunday through Wed next week, though.
22.) Deerminator - 11/18/2014
low 20's and breezy. Alex should have plenty of snow just to the north:tu:, and just south of me plenty of snow as well.
Right now it's sunny and clear:-). Still breezy. I.m right in the slot between the 2 systems. Excellent.
23.) Wild Bob - 11/18/2014
It was all rain down in the lower Hudson Valley according to my sources.
24.) Deerminator - 11/19/2014
Mid 20's no snow here just lots of snow aroundnorth and south, east and west.
sunny and clear here right now. breezy still.
25.) Swamp Fox - 11/19/2014
We went from 70 on Monday to a high of 44 yesterday. I don't remember the last time I wanted gloves in November when I wasn't hunting, but that was a COLD 44. Fri Sat and Sunday were in the mid and high 40's. Talk about temperature swings, LOL...We've got 'em

We got down to 16 last night, which breaks the record. Yikes! Heavy frost this morning and frozen water bowls! Where did the summer go?

Average high is 61 and average low is 36.
26.) Wild Bob - 11/19/2014
Mother nature is just making sure to keep you sharp Swampy! LOL :-) Humm, that's interesting - I just got a notice when I tried to post my first sentence that it was too short for posting...anyone else ever see that one? First for me. NOW MAY BE THIS IS LONG ENOUGH TO POST! :re:
27.) Swamp Fox - 11/20/2014
I don't know which is worse: five feet of snow or NY gun laws...

[I]Buffalo police now coming to homes after funerals to look for guns[/I]


And don't get on the wrong list:

28.) bluecat - 11/20/2014
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;27227]I don't know which is worse: five feet of snow or NY gun laws...

[I]Buffalo police now coming to homes after funerals to look for guns[/I]


And don't get on the wrong list:


That's why New York is the safest state...
29.) Deerminator - 11/20/2014
Don't get me started:rage: Frick'n Como. We need to seperate from NYC.
30.) Deerminator - 12/09/2014
TODAYS DEC 9TH, freezing rain is covering everything. a breeze and around 30 deg's.

31.) Deerminator - 12/10/2014
We got around 10" over night. a packing snow as well. been snowing all morning, steady.
about 4 more inches since this morning but it's a heavy snoew and packing as it falls. temp in the 30's
32.) Wild Bob - 12/10/2014
Piss warm here...low 40's. Gonna mess up the ice. :td:

Oh-well as good a weather as any to be laid up I guess.
33.) Swamp Fox - 12/10/2014
You should ask Santa for some of those boots that let you hang upside down from a bar like a bat...That's supposed to be good for your back, but also your perspective.
34.) ARCHERXP - 12/12/2014
really warm.


soon to get cold though. it is wyoming.