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1.) Deerminator - 04/24/2014
2.) Swamp Fox - 04/24/2014
That's a pretty good tune, especially for a kid's video game.

The last time I played a video game was Defender in 1982 and I wasn't ever even decent at it. I found about every way you could get blown up, though. So there might be a gold mine of great music in gaming that I would never even know about.

I had a good dream last night.

I was in an Arby's in Belgium, or maybe the Netherlands. It's hard to tell them apart sometimes, except that parts of Belgium are a lot more froggy. I was with a buddy of mine from New Orleans who I haven't seen in 25 years. I could read the menu board because it was a kinda German-English_Dutch gibberish. You know what horsey sauce is called in the European Arby's of my dreams? ---H'Orsey Sauce ---I think there was an umlaut or a squiggly in there somewhere, too.

My roast beef sandwich was served by a half-naked blonde---Well, she wasn't [I]technically[/I] half-naked, but I wasn't complaining---and it was the best roast beef sandwich I've ever had. :wink

My fries never arrived, though, and I had to go find the girl to see if she'd forgotten about them. By then, she'd put some shorts and one of my dress shirts on. She got me my fries and gave me a print-out of her web site's home page, which said she was leaving Arby's that night to join a modeling agency in Italy...I spent the rest of my dream discussing with my friend how we could change our itinerary so I could follow her across Europe...



3.) bluecat - 04/24/2014

Do you have a passport?
4.) Swamp Fox - 04/24/2014
Just put in my application for renewal this morning!

5.) bluecat - 04/24/2014
On a serious note, whenever I have a dream similar to that, it is amazing how different aspects of the dream come to fruition. You may be seeing glimpses of some event that will incorporate different scenarious in your dream. Be on the lookout. At any rate, it sounds pleasant.

Freud out.
6.) bluecat - 04/24/2014
In other words, you might meet a gal who is foreign who talks to you about your internet blogging ventures. You chat and agree to meet at Subway where she orders a roast beef sandwhich on her own volition. When things like that happen it is kind of a warm feeling of deja-vu. You realize the universe is vast, somewhat ordered, scary and perfect.

Just having fun here.
7.) Swamp Fox - 04/24/2014
Yes...I've also already googled the locations of every Arby's in a three-county area and along my route to Camp Swampy...
8.) Swamp Fox - 04/24/2014
I guess we'll have to wait until the weekend to see if Crookedeye ever has any interesting dreams...

My Magic 8 Ball says, "Most certainly."

9.) bluecat - 04/24/2014
Her initials may be R and B and you meet her at an International House of Pancakes eating a Belgian waffle.

What? It could happen.
10.) Swamp Fox - 04/24/2014

The first thing that popped into my mind just now was Roseanne Barr! :jd:
11.) Swamp Fox - 04/24/2014
I'd go broke paying for enough waffles...
12.) DParker - 04/24/2014
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;19151]I'd go broke paying for enough waffles...[/QUOTE]

If it keeps her mouth full and unable to speak it's money well spent.
13.) Ventilator - 04/24/2014
[QUOTE=DParker;19153]If it keeps her mouth full and unable to speak it's money well spent.[/QUOTE]

Good thing I went back and read all the prior posts after I read this one first. lol
14.) Deerminator - 04/24/2014
Ya had me at Roast beef
15.) DParker - 04/24/2014
[QUOTE=Deerminator;19160]Ya had me at Roast beef[/QUOTE]

How about roast beast?

16.) Deerminator - 04/24/2014
There is alot of great music associated with Sonic. Tom turned me on to it.
17.) Deerminator - 04/24/2014
Here's a better version
18.) Swamp Fox - 04/24/2014
I followed the story of the girl better in the first version (thought the subtitles went by too fast to follow that way) and the music in the second version was sped up a notch, I think, but the video was more interesting, for sure. I like the slower sound track, though.

I'd say this stuff is Friday Music Video-worthy...

So you have my permission, LOL.
19.) Deerminator - 04/24/2014
I think I did a featcher one time on a Friday vid thing.
20.) Swamp Fox - 04/24/2014
Sometimes I see Japanese cartoons and I tune out, so I might have missed it...They were trying to kill my dad in 1944...
21.) Deerminator - 04/25/2014
My dad was on the other side of the pacific.
He got a boat ride from Great Britain over to France. Dumped him off on the beach.

Glad your dad made it and I thank him for his service.
22.) Swamp Fox - 04/25/2014
Thank you for your thanks. Actually, I kid a bit, as much as you can kid about something like that.

My dad was in the group that would have gone over to the Bulge as replacements (thrown up against the Germans to be chewed up, except that they were too tough for that) but they held him back stateside for some reason I never really figured out. He had some value in engineering, I think, though my understanding is they taught him how to fire a damn big machine gun.

My dad and his dad were actually both drafted, I suppose because they were both in the age range (not sure how common that was) but there must have been an exception so that fathers and sons were not both conscripted, as my Pop did not serve in WWII to my knowledge.

I believe my dad always felt that he missed something not going overseas with his buddies, and maybe regretted it. I know he was an intense student of that phase of the war, particularly, all his life, and would sometimes mention this friend or that one.

The bomb saved him from the Pacific. He had no love for Tojo.
23.) Deerminator - 04/25/2014
I didn't think father and son could be drafted.
The mind set of the american public at that time was to fight in WW2.
WW2 was a different kind of war than anything we've had since.
24.) Swamp Fox - 04/25/2014
[I]The age range for conscription was pretty wide. My grand-dad probably squeeked in just under the wire:

World War II[edit]

By the summer of 1940, as Germany conquered France, Americans supported the return of conscription. One national survey found that 67% of respondents believed that a German-Italian victory would endanger the United States, and that 71% supported "the immediate adoption of compulsory military training for all young men".[20] Similarly, a November 1942 survey of American high-school students found that 69% favored compulsory postwar military training.[21]

The World War I system served as a model for that of World War II. The 1940 STSA instituted national conscription in peacetime, requiring registration of all men between 21 and 45, with selection for one year's service by a national lottery. The term of service was extended by one year in August 1941. After Pearl Harbor the STSA was further amended (December 19, 1941), [B]extending the term of service to the duration of the war and six months and requiring the registration of all men 18 to 64 years of age. In the massive draft of World War II, 50 million men from 18 to 45 were registered, 36 million classified, and 10 million inducted.[[/B]22]...

By 1942, the SSS moved away from administrative selection by its more than 4,000 local boards to a system of lottery selection. Rather than filling quotas by local selection, the boards now ensured proper processing of men selected by the lottery.[18] On December 5, 1942, a presidential executive order changed the age range for the draft from 21–45 to 18–38, and ended voluntary enlistment. Paul V. McNutt, head of the War Manpower Commission, [B]estimated that the changes would increase the ratio of men drafted from one out of nine to one out of five.[/B] The commission's goal was to have nine million men in the armed forces by the end of 1943.[24] This facilitated the massive requirement of up to 200,000 men per month and would remain the standard for the length of the war. The World War II draft operated from 1940 until 1947 when its legislative authorization expired without further extension by Congress. During this time, more than 10 million men had been inducted into military service. With the expiration, no inductions occurred in 1947.[25] However, the SSS remained intact....
Source: Wiki...Emphasis mine
25.) Deerminator - 04/25/2014
How would ya like to be in your 40's and end up in the trenches.
Kind makes a push button war more favorable.
26.) Swamp Fox - 04/25/2014
Kinda puts being 26 years-old and needing to get your own damn insurance into perspective, huh?

27.) Deerminator - 04/25/2014
Sure does
28.) Swamp Fox - 04/25/2014
While we're on the subject:

This is worth a few minutes, and a few dollars.

29.) Deerminator - 04/25/2014
That song kinda tears ya up a bit