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1.) Deerminator - 04/17/2014
Hay guys.
Should be a good season up here this year.
Everybody seems to think that since we had so much cold weather thru the winter that the birds should be starting later.
I have a new bow and I'm shoot'n good. I have some new places to hunt this year. Many birds have been taken at these places before.

[FONT=Book Antiqua][SIZE=5]WAY TO GO SWAMPY!!!!![/SIZE] [/FONT] :tu::hb::tu:
Were on the board.
Season opens May 1st here. :grin:

2.) Swamp Fox - 04/17/2014
My Magic 8 Ball says "The outlook is excellent." :wink

Congrats on the new bow and the new honeyholes. :hb: And thanks for your congrats!

I'll be out after them again tomorrow with a bow. My plan was to hunt with a bow yesterday but I overslept (Imagine that, LOL) and didn't leave myself enough time to set up a blind. So I grabbed the shotgun for run-and-gun and Ta-da!, almost 12 hours later. :-). Easy peasy, LOL.

I hope some of these other teams can keep up with us. :wink
3.) Deerminator - 04/18/2014
Are you the only one with an open season Swampy?
4.) Wild Bob - 04/18/2014
I have an open season!! ...Oh that's right, I just don't have a flippin' team. I'm atta here, you guys don't have 'the special' badges anyway. :-)

(Oh, my gosh...If I keep this up, will I get banned?!?!?!?!)
5.) Deerminator - 04/18/2014
Your welcome anytime Bob
6.) Deerminator - 05/05/2014
Well, this is what has come by so far;
NO Toms
 photo DSCF2400_zps4983be81.jpg

 photo DSCF2401_zps3dbad004.jpg

 photo DSCF2403_zps3f64531e.jpg

 photo DSCF2405_zps572bf38d.jpg

 photo DSCF2406_zps22b81b78.jpg

 photo DSCF2410_zps0d2c38c4.jpg

 photo DSCF2412_zps368775f4.jpg
7.) Ventilator - 05/05/2014
Good luck out there.

I took my son to Ohio over the weekend. Saturday was a pretty good day but the Toms pulled some BS on us. I called two in about 830 in that morning. They gobble down below and then came in silent. Dang things came in behind us and gobbled 15 yds away! No way for Luke to turn and shoot without getting busted. They saw a hen and worked away from us.

Sunday wasn't good at all, birds just weren't gobbling any at all.
8.) Deerminator - 05/10/2014
Go'n in deep fellas. I'm put'n on my lucky shirt

 photo DSCF2427_zpsed3dc605.jpg

9.) crookedeye - 05/11/2014
whatever you do don't wash that shirt! alex and mike used the cheapest material when they process those shirts..mine shrunk up so bad my belly button shows and its tight around the tits..
10.) Deerminator - 05/11/2014
It gets washed at least once every year. In the machine. Cold water on gentle cycle:-)

And from the sound of things CE you need to get on a diet and start work'n out. Ya know, firm up them manboobs
and fill out the wrinkled skin.
11.) crookedeye - 05/11/2014
its to late for that...there's no sense of hurting myself..
12.) Deerminator - 05/11/2014
It's never too late

Start slow, twice a week, and in 3 months time you'll see and feel a difference.
Chicks will start to look'n atchya. Gar-ron-tee
13.) crookedeye - 05/11/2014
back in the day when I used to go to titty bars there would always be that oldman with a chick,,you no sometimes the chick would come over and talk to you and then the oldman would stare you down wanting to fight, because he's thinking you stoled his chick...
14.) Deerminator - 05/11/2014
After ya start work'n out the chick might stay and talk to you longer.
AND the old geezer won't want to start anything.
15.) crookedeye - 05/11/2014
you get a girl in a g string. trust me a 70 year oldman will beat the chit out of you...
16.) crookedeye - 05/11/2014
a 70 year oldman with a chick in a g string is a formidable opponent..
17.) crookedeye - 05/11/2014
trust me..i no...
18.) Deerminator - 05/11/2014
You do make a very strong point
19.) Hunter - 05/11/2014
CE's wealth of knowledge always amazes me!! :hb:
20.) Deerminator - 06/01/2014
Well; the 1014 spring turkey season has come to an en here in NYS. Twas a very non exciting season. One hen, that gobbeled.
A few DEER. And no toms or jecks.
21.) Swamp Fox - 06/04/2014
You're the third person I've come across that's seen a gobbling hen that I know of...Ventilator saw one a year or so ago, and I saw one 3-4 years ago.

I hope the bad winter weather didn't put the kibosh on your turkey population.

I'm looking forward to next year. I think recruitment will be better this year than it's been in the past two.
22.) bluecat - 06/05/2014
I once saw a hen puff up and strut. I wouldn't have believed it. I think she was so pissed she didn't know what to do with herself.
23.) Swamp Fox - 06/05/2014
Was she wearing flannel, and sensible shoes?
24.) bluecat - 06/05/2014
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;20357]Was she wearing flannel, and sensible shoes?[/QUOTE]

25.) Deerminator - 06/05/2014
HERES A HEN IN MID GOBBLE AND SHE GOBBES AT .55 the rain was mesing with the auto focus. photo DSCF1116.jpg

this should work


Photo buckit is acting weird.
26.) Swamp Fox - 06/05/2014
Kewl! :tu:

You remind me: I don't have much on my bucket list, but there's a boatload of stuff on my phucket list...

27.) Deerminator - 06/05/2014
you have no idea:-)