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1.) DParker - 01/08/2021
TPWD puts out a sort of e-newsletter on a weekly basis titled "Game Warden Field Notes", which consists largely of reports of really dumb violations. When I read this one I immediately heard Jeff's voice in my head saying, "If you've ever hidden the meat from your son's poached deer under the sofa, yooooooou might be a redneck."


[QUOTE][B][SIZE=3]Mama’s Got Your Back[/SIZE][/B]

Two Harris County game wardens followed up on a local poaching complaint and discovered a suspect who had harvested a white-tailed doe had done so without landowner consent. The suspect confessed to poaching and when asked to collect the deer meat, was surprised to find his mom had hidden the illegal deer meat under the couch while the wardens visited with him outside the home. Multiple charges and restitution pending.[/QUOTE]
2.) bluecat - 01/08/2021

I think poaching meat kinda ruins the flavor, but hey, it's an individual thang.
3.) bluecat - 01/08/2021
When I read the abbreviated headline on the sidebar I thought, 'oh no'. So glad you aren't invoking the 25th amendment.

I know that's probably tomorrow.
4.) Swamp Fox - 01/08/2021
[QUOTE=bluecat;62769]When I read the abbreviated headline on the sidebar I thought, 'oh no'. So glad you aren't invoking the 25th amendment.

I know that's probably tomorrow.[/QUOTE]

+2, just because so few will get it .... :re:

If one is thinking the 25th Amendment is an option, he or she is un-serious, uninformed or unfit. Possibly all three..
5.) bluecat - 01/08/2021
You forgot old and ugly.
6.) Swamp Fox - 01/08/2021
LOL ...

I had a larger, funnier, and less political point, but I've forgotten it now ...
7.) Swamp Fox - 01/09/2021
If this were the NC game wardens, the headline would be like:

[B]WRC Officer Scuffs Shiny Shoes Exiting Patrol Car To Investigate Blocked Gate; Otherwise, Uniform Looked Fabulous[/B]
8.) bluecat - 01/09/2021

If it was Kansas it would be, [B]Officers uncover wildlife poaching ring and give perpetrators a stern talkin' to.[/B]
9.) Swamp Fox - 01/09/2021

Did I ever tell y'all about the time my elderly uncle and I were stopped by a joint task force consisting of SC wardens, the Coast Guard and the German Shepherd Drug Dog Admiration Society?
10.) bluecat - 01/09/2021
You look kinda shady.
11.) bluecat - 01/09/2021
Did you refuse to roll down the window and claim you're a sovereign citizen.
12.) bluecat - 01/09/2021
That always goes well.
13.) Swamp Fox - 01/09/2021
I was (I think) the junior suspect in the raid, so I didn't think about all that ...

But speaking of Mama (or Momma): She will always be remembered as doing her duty and paying her debt to society, ever since she got runned over by that damn'd ol' train ...
14.) Swamp Fox - 01/09/2021
I bet you dollars to donuts DP was not expecting this ...

15.) DParker - 01/09/2021
This ain't my first HC rodeo.
16.) Swamp Fox - 01/10/2021
LOL ...

Touche ...