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1.) DParker - 09/30/2013
The Mathuen, MA Police Department maintains a Facebook page on which they, among other things, brag about their law enforcement accomplishments. I was particularly impressed by the entry by their Chief from this past Friday (bold red emphasis mine)...

[quote]On Friday September 27, 2013 detectives from the Methuen Police Department working [B][COLOR="#FF0000"]in conjunction with members of the FBI, ATF and Dept. of Homeland Security[/COLOR][/B] working on a tip, seized the following firearms after an investigation.

1 – AK-47... rifle variant described as a “WASR-10” with two 30 round banana clip magazines with 7.62cal rounds

1 - M&P-15 rifle with .223cal rounds and magazines

1 – Ruger GP100 .357 Magnum revolver with .357cal rounds

Taken into custody was: Methuen Resident Jad Ali Mokad age 24y/o. He was charged with the following felonies:

2 counts of Possession of Large Capacity Feeding Device (c.269, s.10) said person shall be punished by imprisonment in a state prison for not less than two and one-half years nor more than ten years.

1 count Unsecured Firearm where an under 18 person has access (c.140, s.131L) said person shall be punished by a fine of not less than $1,000 nor more than $10,000 or by imprisonment for not less than one year nor more than ten years, or by both such fine and imprisonment.

Mr. Mokad is currently being held at the Methuen Police Dept. pending bail.

This investigation was and excellent example of local and federal law enforcement officers working together to make our community safer. The agents, officers and detectives did an excellent job of following a tip and developing information through investigation to a rapid conclusion resulting in an arrest and seizure of weapons and high capacity magazines.
Chief Solomon[/quote]

That's right. The local police department paired up with 3 major federal agencies in order to pull off this major bust. A revolver and two rifles with standard-capacity magazines.


If they saw the modest contents of my little gun safe (2 AR-15s w/12 PMags, 4 bolt-action centerfire rifles, 2 shotguns with pistol-grips and multiple swappable barrels each, 2 bolt-action and 1 semi-auto rimfire riflse, a 9mm pistol with 2 15-rd magazines and a 9mm pistol with 4 17-rd mags) it sounds like they'd wet their pants and call in the 4th Armored Division.
2.) bluecat - 09/30/2013
How did they get all that back to the police station? They must have done it in stages.
3.) Swamp Fox - 10/01/2013
[QUOTE=bluecat;11295]How did they get all that back to the police station? They must have done it in stages.[/QUOTE]

Fortunately, Officer Obie was able to get his hands on a red VW microbus with shovels and rakes and implements of destruction...
4.) DParker - 10/01/2013
The kicker is that, in spite of the dramatic "look at the arsenal we took off the streets" show they're making of it, he was properly licensed for all 3 guns. The AR mags are all ProMags that are limited to a max capacity of 10 rds, and are therefore legal. All they're charging him with are the 2 AK mags (though they look like old pre-ban mags, which are grandfathered and also legal) and "improper storage" of the revolver, which is likely unconstitutional post-Heller.

It took the local detectives, FBI, BATFE and Homeland Security combined to make this stupendous bust involving minor state law, and turn an otherwise law-abiding American into a possible felon.

At least they didn't shoot his dog.
5.) Ventilator - 10/01/2013
I made sure to leave my input on the FB page. What a band of idiots!
6.) DParker - 10/01/2013
It took me a 2nd review to catch (and comment on) this one...

[quote]30 round banana clip magazines with 7.62cal rounds[/quote]

Forgetting the "banana clip magazine" foolishness I can now see why they needed to bust this guy. He had "7.62cal" artillery rounds.
7.) bluecat - 10/01/2013
That's a lot of cal.
8.) bluecat - 10/01/2013
Is [I]Possession of Large Capacity Feeding Device [/I] subject to interpretation?

I mean, I'm married so does that make [B]me[/B] a criminal.
9.) DParker - 10/01/2013
[QUOTE=bluecat;11318]I mean, I'm married so does that make [B]me[/B] a criminal.[/QUOTE]

No, just mentally deficient like the rest of us.
10.) XJCraver - 10/02/2013
So, the guy was legal?

I sincerely hope he's talking to the SAF and NRA - maybe this could be the case that moves MD away from full-retard.
11.) DParker - 10/02/2013
At this point I thinking that MD is well beyond any hope of returning to sanity when it comes to this issue.