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1.) DParker - 11/22/2020
My son took a whitetail spike last weekend from just under 50 yds with a perfect broadside heart+lungs hit from one of my 70 gr Barnes TSX-tipped .223 handloads using his AR (sorry, I don't have a photo handy). The exit wound wasn't particularly large, nor did I expect it to be at such close range...but it didn't have to be. After he was hit, the deer turned and took a few steps toward my son, bumped into a sapling and keeled over. When we got him open we found that not only were both lungs half turned to jelly, we couldn't even find the heart as a recognizable organ in amongst the chunks and goo it had been turned into. As clean a kill as one could hope for, but it's a shame we lost the heart, as that's our favorite part...and I was hoping to make a "royal haggis" (same as a normal haggis, but using deer innards...though technically that calls for red stag, being a Scottish thing and all.)

It turns out that even 70 gr packs a wallop at 2,700-2,800 fps.
2.) bluecat - 11/22/2020
Congrats to your son!
3.) Swamp Fox - 11/23/2020
Red stag...Texas spike... What's the difference? :p

Especially when it comes to haggis. LOL

Congrats to your son. One of these days when you're feeling perky, give us the rundown on why you chose that bulllet. :grin::cool:
4.) DParker - 11/23/2020
5.) Swamp Fox - 11/23/2020
LOL ... :beer: