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1.) DParker - 12/04/2013
Am I the only [I]The Walking Dead[/I] addict here who just absolutely hated the season finale (save for the Governor finally getting skewered)?
2.) Swamp Fox - 12/04/2013
Sadly, I've missed the zombie train...

Like when I was a kid...I was there for yo-yos and those glass balls on strings you smacked together, but I blew right past skateboards.
3.) Deerminator - 12/04/2013
I like Rob Zombie
4.) NEBigAl - 12/05/2013

I actually like the finale...except I wish it would have been Karl instead of Hershel. This season has entertained me more than the last one, but I do think its time they get out of the prison. I have honestly been getting tired of how stupid everyone on the show is recently, so I hope they kind of shake things up.
5.) Ventilator - 12/05/2013
i am looking forward to see how they survive this time. This was a major shake up in my opinion. Not sure what they will do for shelter. ALso, whats up with the kid an baby killin? They seem to have a thing for killing off the kids in this series. I could probably do without that part. Even tho, they havent actually shown the zombie baby yet....just a car seat full of blood.
6.) NEBigAl - 12/05/2013
[QUOTE=Ventilator;13239]i am looking forward to see how they survive this time. This was a major shake up in my opinion. Not sure what they will do for shelter. ALso, whats up with the kid an baby killin? They seem to have a thing for killing off the kids in this series. I could probably do without that part. Even tho, they havent actually shown the zombie baby yet....just a car seat full of blood.[/QUOTE]

The baby is fine, that's just to build suspense I'm sure. I want Karl gone, he just annoys me so damn much, I liked Hershel. If they kill off Glen I am gone though.
7.) Alex - 12/05/2013
I thought the show was exceptional on many fronts.

Loved the fact that they wrapped things up with the Gov. That was way overdue.
Also liked the scenario of messing up the prison beyond use with the tank forcing them to get out... (much needed for the series) yet destroyed the tank keeping it from becoming something too convenient.
The killing of Hershel? Well, he is probably the one and only character that they could have killed and had some REAL impact on the show. Cept maybe Rick or Daryl. Everyone else would have been a mediocre loss.

Now they are scattered and separated. This is going to give them the whole second 1/2 of the season for side stories and keeping interest going. Will likely bring Carol back into play as well.

They prison sinkhole lasted way too long. Almost as bad as the farm sinkhole.
I mean it's a zombie show. Raising pigs, mending fences and growing beans isnt all that exciting. Trust me I know :P

All in all I thought it was pretty damn good if not obvious. Hershel was on the list to go after his big speech on taking risks a couple of episodes back.

just my .02
8.) Wild Bob - 12/05/2013
HAhahahahah! No, you're not the only WD fan running around here.

My older son and I enjoy watching the show together. I liked the first season the best, although each season has had its ups and downs IMO. I'm with Alex; I also felt that the prison scenario played out too long. I was glad to to see the SOB Gov bite the big one...he was a looser. But I suppose someone will have to assume that role from here on; first it was Shane, then the Gov - one from inside the group and another from outside the group.

I agree that it'll be interesting to see where they take it next...
9.) DParker - 12/05/2013
I should have been more specific on what I hated about it. I agree that it was long past time for getting them out of the prison and killing off "The Governor" (though I wouldn't have minded it if they'd given Michonne some cool line to say to him as she skewered his thorax...no matter how cheesy that would have been), and overall like what they're doing with the story. I also like the fact that they're willing to do normally unspeakable things like killing off adorable kids, because that leaves you wondering, "Did the baby really end up as zombie chow, or did someone from the group who was wounded and bleeding grab her from the carrier and get on the bus with her?" And as much as I liked the Herschel character, part of the appeal of the show is that no one (with the possible exception of Rick...and maybe not even him) is safe from being suddenly cut from the cast, which adds to the suspense. There's no, "I know he/she's not going to get killed in this scene."

What I hated was the industrial-strength stupidity of the actions by so many of the characters in the episode, coupled with the blindingly obvious technical nonsense that was completely unnecessary. Granted, it's a show about the walking undead, and one must engage in a mountain of willing suspension of disbelief about that aspect of the story...but there's no way around that requirement. On the other hand, the following was gratuitous, stupid, and just plain lazy:

1. In the previous episode, little girly in Gov's camp nearly gets eaten while playing tag because a walker is standing unseen behind some hung-up laundry right in the middle of camp. So what does Mom do when the rest of the gang run off to lay seige to the prison? She let's same little girly play in the mud on the outskirts of camp, near some trees that could be hiding a whole horde of zombies, while Mom sits on top of the RV....with no way to get to little girly in time to save her if she's attacked...looking out over the river and not even paying attention to her daughter. She was practically begging to have the kid offed.

2. The Gov's group somehow managed to sneak up, unheard, on the prison's outer fence with not only a group of ordinary motor vehicles...but a Vietnam-era battle tank.

3. The use of firearms. Oy...where do I begin? It's not like these guys are new to shooting at this point, so there's just no excuse for the ridiculousness that went on in that episode...

[INDENT]a) Karl (with a lever-action rifle): "I'm gonna' shoot the Governor." Daryl: "From 50 yards away?!" They (including the kid) are routinely using pistols to make head shots on erratically shuffling zombies, but hitting a stationary man-sized target at 50 yards with a rifle (even with open sights) is a tier-1 sniper shot? C'mon.

b) Did you notice how many of the evil black rifles lacked not only optics, but even basic iron sights?

c) What's with all of the full-auto stupidity? Is their ammo supply inexhaustible? And with all of that 600 rounds-per-minute fire going on, we only saw one magazine change.

d) Daryl successfully using a rotting corpse as a shield against someone firing .308 rounds at him from uber-close range.

e) etc, etc.[/INDENT]

I could go on, but I need to get some lunch.
10.) Wild Bob - 12/05/2013
Go get some lunch, collect your thoughts, then finish-her off...inquiring minds want to know!! :pop:

OK, I gotta chime in on this; since we are picking it apart! A comment Rick made in one of the previous seasons that got under my skin, similar to your issues; was when he was talking about surviving until winter, then seeing how the colder weather would effect the walkers....then he went on to say something about "finding some snowmobiles to use." - OK, what the heck....show me your typical north Georgia /any where is the south east USA homeowners that have snowmobiles!!!!
- Go figure!
11.) NEBigAl - 12/06/2013
The one thing that really gets me is how the producers seem to think a human skull is made out of paper mache'. Seriously, smashing a skull in with your bare hands? Caving in a skull with a metal rod? Get real!

The full auto thing bugs me too!

And also, the zombies cant actually be that hard to get away from, most of the time they shamble slower than someone walks, and they are loud as hell.

I realize I need to suspend my disbelief, but it just bugs me.