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1.) DParker - 08/13/2013

Here's what I come up with:

1) Pathetically poor judgement on the part of the Watch Sergeant who ordered the officer on the scene to shoot the snake.

2) Equally poor judgement on the part of the officer for not telling the Sergeant "no" because said snake was well above ground level, making the shot an especially unsafe one (for obvious reasons).

3) Shooting at a 1"-1.5" wide target with a .357 pistol round, when the target is above ground...with no backstop and nothing to stop the bullet even if you do manage to hit your target.

4) Expunging records and trying to sweep the whole thing under the rug. (OK, this ones is more corruption than stupidity...but still stupid nonetheless.)

I was going to cover the irrational fear of snakes (in this case a completely harmless and, in fact, quite beneficial species) that started the whole chaing of events, but not knowing anything about the homeowner I'll cut them some slack (could be a woman with very young children who didn't know any better, or whatever.) Though Noble, OK isn't exactly "the city", and I would think that anyone who lives in an area like that needs to learn to be a little less terrified of the native fauna.
2.) bluecat - 08/13/2013
I'll add one more. The author of the story.

“The 2nd bullet hit him in the back of the head and came out here in his forehead. It was horrible. Blood and brains everywhere.”

Totally unnecessary bit of information. I have images of that little boy that aren't good. Story was about two idiotic officers and not about entrance and exit wounds and damage caused.
3.) Swamp Fox - 08/13/2013
What's with all the negative waves? Y'all are bringing me down.

I say we all go out and a find some Nixon and G.W. masks and see if we can stir up some phony outrage.