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1.) DParker - 03/07/2013
From [URL]http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/03/06/cat-haven-lion-death_n_2822826.html[/URL]:

[QUOTE]"DUNLAP, Calif. — A lion killed a volunteer intern at an exotic animal park in Central California after she entered its enclosure, and authorities were trying to determine what might have provoked the animal to maul her."[/QUOTE]

I'm no wildlife biologist, but I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that "she entered its enclosure" had something to do with it.
2.) BULLZ-i - 03/07/2013
3.) Swamp Fox - 03/07/2013
Could have been the ribeye body wash...

4.) Triton Rich - 03/07/2013
[B][COLOR="#0000CD"]It might just maybe be that it is a very large wild predator and no matter what some people might think, they can never be truly tamed![/COLOR][/B]
5.) Floyd - 03/08/2013
DParker totally needs is own forum.
6.) DParker - 03/08/2013
[QUOTE=Floyd;1739]DParker totally needs is own forum.[/QUOTE]

Don't be trying to mess up a good thing for me. As it is I get to spout off while Alex does all of the real work. There's no need to fiddle with a good arrangement like that.
7.) Deerminator - 03/08/2013
She should have dressed up like a clown.

Everybody knows clowns taste funny...........:grin:
8.) LoganCrane - 03/08/2013
DParker just needs to have PODUNK renamed to Parker's Corner....wait a minute....naaa it sounds right, right?
9.) bluecat - 03/08/2013
I think you are overlooking the obvious. Lion's HATE volunteers. A full timer would not have had a problem going into that enclosure.
10.) luv2bowhunt - 03/08/2013
She probably mistook him for an ant-eater. Happens all the time.

11.) Swamp Fox - 03/08/2013

Monty Python BELONGS here...
12.) Firemanj - 03/08/2013
Well.....it's a lion! They're wild animals no matter how long they've been in captivity. With it being a female volunteer, not trying to be gross but, is it possible that he smelt blood?!
13.) bluecat - 03/08/2013
[QUOTE=LoganCrane;1787]DParker just needs to have PODUNK renamed to Parker's Corner....wait a minute....naaa it sounds right, right?[/QUOTE]

He needs to sit in the corner.
14.) Swamp Fox - 03/08/2013
According to the latest news reports, the lion lifted a gate to enter an enclosure to kill the girl, who---you can't make this stuff up---was talking on a cell phone.

I keep telling you people: Hang up the phone and pay attention...

"Hadden said there may have been a problem with the gate separating enclosures, according to The Fresno Bee.

Hadden also said Hanson was talking on the phone with a co-worker before she was killed. The co-worker grew concerned when the conversation ended abruptly and Hanson didn't call back."

-----[I]USA Today[/I]
15.) bluecat - 03/08/2013
Phone Conversation:

"I'm like OMG there's a lion coming."

"I know right?"

"He looks like he needs a bath or something cause he's foaming at..."
16.) Jon - 03/08/2013
[COLOR="#006400"]Sequestration even affects lion tamers[/COLOR]