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1.) DParker - 01/30/2018

I'd have to think twice about taking a shot at this guy...for fear of what would happen if I missed.
2.) Jon - 01/30/2018
Holy Moses, that's one bad mofo! Imagine the fear when the 'yotes are eating your foe but he's attached to you. Maybe he made a deal with the yotes, eat all you want boys, it'll make it easier to carry.
3.) Swamp Fox - 01/30/2018
That's quite the thought!
4.) Swamp Fox - 01/31/2018
I'm almost tempted to live-post the SOTU, but I'm afraid no one's on-line.
5.) DParker - 01/31/2018
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;54434]I'm almost tempted to live-post the SOTU, but I'm afraid no one's on-line.[/QUOTE]

Watching it now...and so far it wouldn't be cringe-inducing if he would just lose the goofy right hand gestures.
6.) luv2bowhunt - 01/31/2018

Great way to describe him DP. Hehe. He starting doing that for me during the campaign and obviously he is what he is and it's not going to stop.
7.) bluecat - 01/31/2018

I'd have to think twice about taking a shot at this guy...for fear of what would happen if I missed.[/QUOTE]

How would you score that?
8.) Swamp Fox - 01/31/2018
9.) Swamp Fox - 01/31/2018
Speaking of vanquished foes, I think Trump did pretty well last night. I'd give him a solid B combined score for style, substance and policy. There were some good moments, but a couple of my favorites were Dems sitting on their hands at the mention of the anthem/American flag, and the Congressional Black Caucus looking absolutely glum when Trump highlighted the historic low black unemployment rate. (I saw one guy do some subdued clapping, but the rest looked like they'd just had their vacations cancelled.)

Thes summaries seems about right:


10.) bluecat - 01/31/2018
Pretty sad.

I was watching Curse of Oak Island of course.
11.) Swamp Fox - 01/31/2018
I heard seven people must die before the treasure can be found, and six have already. So it won't be long. What with the tax cuts, net neutrality rulings, immigration reform and the repeal of the Obamacare individual mandate, Dems feel more deaths are just around the corner.
12.) bluecat - 01/31/2018

"People will die." Rosey O' Fat
13.) Swamp Fox - 01/31/2018
I don't know how closely people have been following things the last few weeks, but there's some major fear-mongering and hysteria going on. Even semi-intelligent people have become truly unhinged.

My guess is they've figured out Trump isn't completely blowing it the way they hoped he would, so they're looking at 2018 and getting the clammy sweats when they examine the numbers.
14.) bluecat - 01/31/2018
The notion that people can actually get along without government and government intervention and government programs is terrifying.

Playing the victim is so much more rewarding.
15.) Swamp Fox - 01/31/2018
Well, I don't doubt that some people need some help, especially in an emergency, and there are some long-term problems that are not being addressed or are not getting any better. But it's amazing the sense of entitlement and superiority and the constant bitching that goes with them. That's what wears me out. Everything's the end of the world.
16.) bluecat - 01/31/2018
If Donald Trump cured cancer, the left would be on him about putting doctors out of work.
17.) Swamp Fox - 01/31/2018
I noticed that leading up to the SOTU, a lot of people were saying that Teleprompter Trump is not the real Trump. The real, off-the-cuff Trump is of course __________________ [fill in your favorite over-the-top insult here].

Of course, this was in anticipation that he might give a good prepared speech, as he has proven capable before.

Afterwards, they seem to be saying that the speech was "scary" and not unifying. To me, other than the checklist of accomplishments, it seemed pretty bland and very non-confrontational. Not in-your-face, "elections have consequences" at all ("Thanks, Obama!")

If he'd really wanted to scare the Dems or go after them, he certainly could have.
18.) bluecat - 01/31/2018
I heard Rush today comparing Obama's speech where he said "I, me, I'm, mine" say 169 times whereas Donald just said it maybe 28 times and preferred to say "We, us, our, United States".

So, I understand where the dems are saying it wasn't unifying...

Personal responsibility [B]is[/B] scary stuff.
19.) bluecat - 01/31/2018