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1.) DParker - 06/12/2013
We couldn't even make the top 25. C'mon, America...what the hell?! :tap:


I can almost hear Swampy surfing on-line travel brochures for Latvia, Denmark and the Netherlands.

And something tells me this little old woman from Belarus (lower-right) is NOT to be trifled with:

2.) Go Bucks - 06/13/2013
mostly soviet bloc countries..

CE works really hard trying to move the American bell curve and may take this study as a serious letdown. Kind of like the Heat letting down Labron James. I would suspect he may just grab his bicycle, defect, and renounce his citizenship.
3.) Swamp Fox - 06/13/2013
Wait...Wait...You post that photo, not the one of the Latvian honeys? Disturbing, LOL.

I actually spent a week in Latvia one night. Seriously. Nice country. They wear great sweaters. I'd go back.

I have always had a great time in Denmark and the Netherlands. Have been lucky enough to have been to both several times. Dutch people are some of the most fun on the planet. Doesn't hurt that the chicks dig me, either, LOL.

I question this so-called survey from the World Health Organization, though. It seems like they got a whole bunch of money from the UN---meaning from US--to name all the countries in Europe. Hell, I could have done that for cheap! Then someone decided to be clever and make it not so obvious that they were wasting everyone's time by throwing South Korea and Russia in the mix (assuming no one thinks of Russia as being part of Europe).

And for the U.S. to win only an honorable mention, obviously no one from the WHO has ever been to a St. Paddy's Day parade.


4.) DParker - 06/13/2013
If I'd posted the drunken babes photos instead it would have eliminated the incentive to go visit the site yourself. I don't want the encouragement of laziness on my conscience. Besides, I really wanted to give due to a such a display of good breeding amongst all of the drunken behavior. Just look at the way she holds her pinkie finger out while chugging from that bottle. That's class right there.
5.) bluecat - 06/13/2013
Class? Look at the pairing of citrus with whiskey.
6.) Swamp Fox - 06/13/2013
Both of those are classic. As for the raised pinkieI believe it's a counter-balancing method to enhance the flow of alcohol to the neck of the bottle. Very few people know about it.

Hopefully, Kris Kringle got a swig before Grammaw bogarted the bottle herself. From the looks of it, an apple, an orange, some sliced ham and an accordion are gonna make for a long night for Santa Klaus among the babushkas.
7.) Swamp Fox - 06/13/2013
Also, on a side note, please observe that the serious professionals will have nothing to do with vodka...
8.) bluecat - 06/13/2013
Oh, when those scarves start flying off.
9.) DParker - 06/13/2013
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;6762]Also, on a side note, please observe that the serious professionals will have nothing to do with vodka...[/QUOTE]


#24: Finland.

#13: South Korea.

#4: Russia. I don't see what bottle it came from, but the glasses' contents appear to be clear (maybe just empty though...which makes the toast really stupid)....and...it's Russia.

Beside, if you were to judge by that slide show you'd have to conclude that Champagne is the preferred quaff of the serious drunk...and I just refuse to accept that.
10.) Swamp Fox - 06/13/2013
Point taken, but I meant the serious professionals in the Belarus photo.

Everyone knows Commie sailors, Korean transvestites and fern bar cashiers are not who you want to take your cues from. :wink
11.) DParker - 06/13/2013
Oh, well....yeah. But not everyone can be as hardcore as the weekend residents at the Belarus KOA Campground.