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1.) DParker - 03/27/2013
I would like to have seen some coverage of the rising popularity of ARs and their other EBR cousins for deer, varmints, etc...but considering this was CNN I'm going to call it a win anyway.

2.) Deerminator - 03/27/2013
3.) Swamp Fox - 03/27/2013
He did a good job with the (politely asked) "Need" question. We should all have our own good answers, because it [B]will[/B] come up when you're out of your circle...

Couple of other things of interest:

[I]No One Needs an AK-47, Either[/I]

"I wonder if they would ask Rosa Parks why she needed to sit in the front of the bus (to paraphrase Ted Nugent). Rights should never require justification." Jorge Amselle


More Amselle:

[I]The AR-15: You Don't Need One And They Are Too Dangerous to Own [/I]

4.) DParker - 03/27/2013
Both very good pieces. Except I really hate to hear the birdshot-for-home-defense thing get repeated in the 2nd one...

[QUOTE]"If over penetration is a serious concern then use a shotgun with birdshot. At close ranges this can be extremely effective."[/QUOTE]

Birdshot NOT a particularly effective round in many cases (regardless of range...like against a large assaillant wearing heaving clothing, like in winter...where birdshot utterly fails the well-established FBI penetration minimums). If over-penetration is the concern, frangible bullets (readily available loaded into .223 PD cartridges) are the answer. A better solution than even buckshot, which will easily over-penetrate about as much as most .223 standard loads at home defense distances.