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1.) DParker - 08/25/2016
Because...why the hell not?

Sure, it's gimmicky. But it's also surprisingly good if you think of it as a 70 proof dessert rather than an actual sipping bourbon. I don't really taste that much in the way of bacon...at least not the meat. Mostly a smoky, sweetish maple with a salty finish. It sounds weird, but it works.
2.) bluecat - 08/25/2016
So is the guy really a Major? C'mon. And how old could he be?
3.) bluecat - 08/25/2016

I'm not warning you again sonny.
4.) Swamp Fox - 08/25/2016
It appears you were deceived at the ABC store...That bottle is haf empthy!!
5.) DParker - 08/25/2016
The hard part was convincing my wife that it's a breakfast item.
6.) Swamp Fox - 08/25/2016
7.) DParker - 08/25/2016
The interesting thing is that I seem to take much better quality photos after a couple of drinks than I do otherwise. Kinda' reminds me of the [I]WKRP in Cincinnati[/I] episode ("Fish Story") where they have a highway patrol cop come in to do a segment on drunk driving. The cop brings in a reaction-time measuring machine and has Fever and Venus drink shots of Jack Daniels, and then measures their reaction time after each successive shot. Venus gets completely plowed, but much to the cop's consternation the more Fever drinks, the faster his reaction time becomes.

8.) bluecat - 08/25/2016
You get better lookin' too.
9.) bluecat - 08/25/2016
10.) Hunter - 08/26/2016
one my favorite shows!
11.) crookedeye - 08/28/2016
why does everyone need to wait until noon to drink? i never did understand the logic around that..
12.) crookedeye - 08/28/2016
i mean who say's you cant have eggs bacon, toast and a tornado virgin VODKA for breakfast..