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1.) DParker - 12/22/2017
A guy I work with has been wanting a whole packer brisket, but couldn't find one at a reasonable price. I told him about the prime ones at Costco, but he doesn't have a membership, so I offered to take him to the store that's next door to our office building (which is damned convenient) so he could get one. Of course, I couldn't get out of the meat department without picking up a [i]little[/i] something for myself...

8.89 lbs prime beef short ribs
12.08 lbs pork belly
18.28 lbs beef brisket (insert Tim Allen grunt here)

Yeah, that's a big-ass brisket. And it was all I could do to keep myself from also grabbing one of the 2-paks of whole pork shoulder they had. My only regret is that between hunting on Saturday and all the family stuff on Christmas Eve I won't have time to do anything with any of it until next weekend. My dog was quite crestfallen as he watched me haul it all off to the freezer in the garage.
2.) bluecat - 12/22/2017
Yeah, having a nice selection at a good price really sucks. Feel your pain brother.
3.) DParker - 12/22/2017
[QUOTE=bluecat;53891]Yeah, having a nice selection at a good price really sucks. Feel your pain brother.[/QUOTE]

Thanks. I knew I'd find a sympathetic ear here.
4.) Swamp Fox - 12/23/2017
I'm drooling, but I don't know why ...
5.) DParker - 12/23/2017
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;53900]I'm drooling, but I don't know why ...[/QUOTE]

I'm approaching 60, so unfortunately I do know why I'm frequently drooling.
6.) DParker - 02/26/2018
Well, my dry-cured pastrami (using the brisket pictured above) turned out well this past Saturday, so I'm now mostly over the pain of the bacon fiasco. In fact I have an 11 lb pork belly sitting in the freezer waiting for me to find time to take a stab at another hot smoke. This really is becoming an addiction.