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1.) DParker - 09/18/2015
[URL="http://tpwd.texas.gov/newsmedia/releases/?req=20150914a"]Texas Game Wardens Destroy $6 Million Marijuana Farm on Cooper WMA[/URL]

This is the WMA where I do almost all of my bowhunting. Unfortunately it's Army Corps of Engineers land, so I still can't pack my concealed carry piece while hunting there.

And I can't decide whether its good or bad that they cleared it out before the season opener in a couple weeks. On the one hand it'd give the deer the munchies and maybe press them to move around looking for more and better food. On the other hand, it might make them just lay around and hope someone drops by with some Cheetos.
2.) Swamp Fox - 09/18/2015
Pro tip: Look at Google Earth and locate the nearest Taco Bell. Position a stand in a travel corridor between it and the bedding/lounging/loitering/couch enjoyment area and hang on to your fishing pole...
3.) billy b - 09/18/2015
D, you had better stay plum away from that WMA, you know you don't want to go back to the "big house".
4.) DParker - 09/19/2015
{Edward G. Robinson}

Nya! Lousy coppers! You'll never take me alive, see?!!

{/Edward G. Robinson}

Yeah, I'm far too pretty for prison.
5.) Swamp Fox - 09/19/2015
You know, one of these days they'll settle these lawsuits against the COE...In the meantime, you can always carry unloaded as far as I can tell, LOL...It's a problem for me as well (not on gamelands so much as on boat ramps, even though parts of the gamelands are technically Corps land) so I'm keeping an eye on this...

There's nothing like coming off the lake at night to an empty parking lot in the pitch dark except for the sketchy crew hanging out under the security light at the back....

Of course, back in the day, I was sometimes part of the sketchy crew...:wink
6.) Swamp Fox - 09/19/2015
I can't believe some potheads forgot about teal and hog seasons...They're usually so sharp about dates and details...

7.) billy b - 09/19/2015
I bet they only speaka de espanol words.
8.) bluecat - 09/19/2015
Gives a whole new meaning for pot roast.
9.) DParker - 09/20/2015
[QUOTE=billy b;34703]I bet they only speaka de espanol words.[/QUOTE]

Those boys tend to be in the import/export business rather than local production. Given the area, I'm betting these farmers speak fluent Bubba.
10.) Wild Bob - 09/21/2015

Watch out Parker...you're liable to run into Walter White and his side-kick out there as well!
11.) DParker - 09/21/2015
I'm hoping that I'll at least hear banjo music as an early warning indicator before running into this in the woods.

12.) bluecat - 09/22/2015
[QUOTE=DParker;34705]Those boys tend to be in the import/export business rather than local production. Given the area, I'm betting these farmers speak fluent Bubba.[/QUOTE]

Van DeLay Industries?
13.) DParker - 09/22/2015
[QUOTE=bluecat;34723]Van DeLay Industries?[/QUOTE]

I was in the pool!!!
14.) Swamp Fox - 09/22/2015