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1.) DParker - 12/29/2013
My son and I were finally able to get into our favorite archery-only public land unit this morning (the roads were still a little muddy, but passable). We had the whole place to ourselves until a couple hours after each of us got settled into our spots, when a guy with a bow comes waltzing down the path near where I was sitting. I waved my orange hat to get his attention and let him know I was there. He spotted me, acknowledged and continued on down the path to another area. OK. Then, less than an hour later, I hear something approaching, moving briskly through the leaves from about my 8 o'clock. It was a pretty ungraceful gait so I was thinking a hog rooting around at a good pace. I shifted around and got ready to draw on whatever stepped out from behind the brush pile about 30 yds away that the noise was coming from when suddenly I hear what sounds like a voice and I catch glimpses of orange through the brush. It's the same guy who had passed by earlier, walking out about as noisily as he could past where he knew I was sitting, and talking on his damned cell phone like he was in his own living room.

Later, when my son and I are leaving and get to the parking area we find that the guy had jettisoned a pair of rubber boots that he apparently didn't want anymore, just tossing them in front of my vehicle like the parking area was the city dump. We knew it was him because he was the only one who came in while we were there, and the boots weren't there when we walked in.

Jackwagon. :tap:

At least my boy managed to spot a group of 4 nice does passing by about 40 yards away (just a bit outside of his comfort zone)...which is precisely 4 more deer than I've seen in the woods all season.
2.) billy b - 12/29/2013
At least you had a good time with your son, all I'm doing is talking to crookedeye:bang:
3.) crookedeye - 12/29/2013
4.) billy b - 12/29/2013
5.) crookedeye - 12/29/2013
dparker don't talk to me.. I think he's gay.. i'm just saying..
6.) crookedeye - 12/29/2013
not that theres nothing wrong with that...
7.) DParker - 12/29/2013
[QUOTE=crookedeye;14197]dparker don't talk to me.. I think he's gay.. i'm just saying..[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=crookedeye;14174]moneymaker puts love into his calling...its something to behold!!![/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=crookedeye;14185]you stud...[/QUOTE]

I'm just saying..
8.) crookedeye - 12/29/2013
lol..who was that kid back in the old forums tat whated to beat youre ass.??? I forget his name...lol...
9.) crookedeye - 12/29/2013
wasn't he like a arm wrestler or something??? if I was you I would have been scared too...
10.) crookedeye - 12/29/2013
these forums are no joke..
11.) crookedeye - 12/29/2013
guys that arm wrestle are kinda weird..