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1.) DParker - 04/28/2013
I just upgraded to Internet Explorer 10 (on Windows 7) a couple of days ago, and ever since then I can't enter a carriage return (new line) in the editing box when creating or editing posts. Hitting the {Enter} key does nothing, and simply leaves the cursor where it was right on the same line. The odd thing is that I don't see this issue when posting on any other site. Is anyone else running IE 10? And if so, have you had this problem?
2.) DParker - 04/28/2013
Never mind, I take that last part back. Right after I posted above I found another site running this same forum software, and I have the problem there. So it appears to be an issue with IE 10 not handling the edit box control that this software is using.
3.) DParker - 04/28/2013
OK, further clarification. The problem only occurs with the WYSIWYG editor. Using the plain text editor works fine.
4.) Alex - 04/28/2013
There is a miniro version upgrade (with a major version process :( ) to 4.2.1
I will check to see if that will help any

FWIW... IE10 is banned at work because its such a pita.
5.) DParker - 04/28/2013
Thanks Alex. I haven't seen any other issues with IE 10 yet, but I haven't really put it through any serious paces so far. I even held off until I scoured the web for reviews, and every one that I found gave it a resounding thumbs-up. What sorts of problems is your company seeing?
6.) Alex - 04/28/2013
Lots of little things with over zealous security settings.
problems with dynamic HTML and ajax even using tools like sharepoint (which is a MSFT product).

Not really my dept at work. All I know is the rest of IT have disallowed it for the time being.
7.) DParker - 04/28/2013
Good to know. I'll watch for that stuff and, if it becomes a hassle, just back out and return to 9. Honestly, the only reason I upgraded was because of all the claimed performance improvements...which I really haven't noticed so far.
8.) Swamp Fox - 04/29/2013
It's probably time to renew your subscription to PC Eraser...Ask for Bob from Bangladesh and tell him I sent you...