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1.) DParker - 12/04/2015
Sitting here surfing the web while watching Green Bay @ Detroit game rapidly turn into a debacle for Rogers & Co, I came across this gem. Needless to say my cheddar-head wife didn't appreceiate the humor, but I thought a couple here might:

[Quote]Offseason Reaper: "Bring out yer eliminated."

Offseason Reaper: "Bring out yer eliminated."

Offseason Reaper: "Bring out yer eliminated."

Vikings, Lions, and Bears drag out a struggling Packers team

Vikings: "Here's one."

Offseason Reaper: "That'll be ninepence."

Packers: "We’re not eliminated."

Offseason Reaper: "What?"

Vikings: Nothing. "There's your ninepence."

Packers: "We’re not eliminated."

Offseason Reaper: "'Ere, they say they’re not eliminated."

Lions: "Yes they are."

Packers: "We’re not."

Offseason Reaper: "They aren’t."

Vikings: "Well, they will be soon, they’re pretty bad."

Packers: "We’re getting better."

Lions: "No you're not, we beat you in Lambeau."

Offseason Reaper: "Well, I can't take them like that. It's against regulations."

Packers: "We don’t want to miss the playoffs."

Lions: "Oh, don't be such a baby."

Offseason Reaper: "I can't take him."

Packers: "We’re going to be fine."

Vikings to the Reaper: "Oh, do us a favor."

Offseason Reaper: "I can't.'

Lions: "Well, can you hang around for a couple of weeks? They won't last long."

Offseason Reaper: "I promised I'd head to the NFC East. They’ve lost 3 this week."

Lions: "Well, when's your next round?"

Offseason Reaper: "Week 15."

Packers: "We did beat the Vikings last week."

Lions: "You're not fooling anyone, you know."

Vikings to the Bears: "Isn't there anything you could do?"

Packers: "I feel happy! Lacy is back! Everything is going to be fine!"

Bears beat the Packers in Lambeau, on Thanksgiving, on the night they retired Favre’s number. Packers nation collectively die inside.

Bears, Lions, and Vikings throw the Packers on the Reaper’s cart

Vikings: "Ah, thank you very much."

Offseason Reaper: "Not at all. See you on Week 15. Ill be back for those two."

Reaper points at the Lions and Bears

Vikings: "Right."[/quote]
2.) DParker - 12/04/2015
Wow. What a comeback...and amazing winning TD.
3.) Deerminator - 12/04/2015
4.) Ohbuckhunter - 12/04/2015
My FF team is thankful Rogers got his head out his butt
5.) Swamp Fox - 12/04/2015
As a Vikings fan (Spam!) I can appreciate this, LOL.

"You're not fooling anyone, you know" is such a great line.

I spaced on tuning in to the game, though, so I guess I'll have to see if I can find it On Demand. No more spoilers, please!
6.) DParker - 12/04/2015
I'll just say that the ending was....interesting.
7.) bluecat - 12/06/2015
:-) :-)