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1.) DParker - 06/10/2013
I offered to do some research for my boss, who is looking to get a crossbow for his dad for Father's Day. He (his dad) recently turned 80, and though he's been hunting with a compound for several years he's finding it more and more difficult to draw lately, even though he has it adjusted all the way down to about 40 lbs. But he wants to continue hunting the early archery-only deer season, and since TX is now one of the states that no longer restricts x-bows to rifle season...or archery season only for those with upper-limb disabilities...he figures that's the way to go. So, not being up-to-speed myself on the state of the art as it pertains to x-bows I thought I'd lay out the known criteria and see if those who DO know what they're talking about can make some recommendations, or at least get me pointed in the right direction.

[INDENT]- The #1 priority is that the bow be relatively easy to cock (safely, of course). Add-on accessories employed to achieve this end are perfectly acceptable.
- He hunts from elevated box blinds on his own land, so he has something to lay the x-bow on and steady it. Because of this overall weight is probably not a critical factor...within reason, naturally.
- It needs enough *oomph* to not only reliably take NE TX whitetails (not much of a requirement there), but also the occasional hog in the 100-250 lb range.
- I don't know what the budgetary limit is, but my boss does OK for himself, so he's probably not looking to pinch pennies. That doesn't mean that the sky's the limit. But he'd probably be willing to spend a little extra should that be required for an ideal solution.[/INDENT]

All I've looked at so far are some of the Parker models, which they claim are now the easiest to cock x-bows on the market (between the builtin "EZ Pull System" and use of the "RED HOT EZ Roller Rope Cocker" accessory). Not because I'm buying marketing hype, but because I needed to have something to get me started.

So...what sayeth the collective?
2.) DParker - 06/10/2013
Also, let's toss into the mix a question on optics: I've put forth before my layman's observation that I'd think that an unmagnified optic (either red dot or simple 1x crosshair scope) would be preferable to a magnified scope on a crossbow. Opinions on that one?
3.) Ohbuckhunter - 06/10/2013
Take a look at these. Very quite and very fast for a Xbox. You can get them in lower weight and u have to use a cocking devise to cock them. Very smooth as well

4.) DParker - 06/10/2013
[QUOTE=Ohbuckhunter;6694]Take a look at these. Very quite and very fast for a Xbox. You can get them in lower weight and u have to use a cocking devise to cock them. Very smooth as well


Thanks. Those look like some interesting rigs. Unfortunately they don't list any dealers in TX.
5.) Ohbuckhunter - 06/10/2013
Well crap. Ten point makes a good one. I have a horten fury and I like it.
6.) CHRIS - 06/11/2013
D the easiest drawing crossbow out there would have to be Parkers Concorde w/Quick Draw System which uses a refillable 9 oz CO2 bottle to cock and uncock the crossbow safely, 175 lb draw, 30 fps, 18.75" axle-axle, packages come with basic 3x32 scope with aim points out to 70 yards, quiver with 4 feild tipped bolts (arrows :-) ) Packages start around $1100- up to $1500. As far as optics I like the multiple aiming point scopes vs. the use of a red dot only becasue most shooters sight in the red dot and then try to "hold over" for a deer that is beyond the sighted in range and blow the shot since they have no clue how far a bolt drops. Given the hunters age and to eliminate "pin confusion" you may want to look at their 1x32 illuminated scope it gives you 2 simple croshairs to use out to 50 yards.
7.) VAarcher - 06/11/2013
8.) DParker - 06/11/2013
Military-style semi-automatic assault crossbow! Cool.

Thanks. I've passed along to my boss everything received so far.
9.) Go Bucks - 06/11/2013
I believe Horton is toast, at least up for sale. I would give Parker serious consideration since they have been around so long. Excalibur seems to get a lot of good press. Scorpyd claims the quietest, but crossbows are inherently loud.
10.) Lonescout - 09/05/2013
I just recently bought a Parker gale force due to a shoulder injury and really like it. Fast and pretty quite for a crossbow.

Also we just bought a carbon express covert cx1 for my dad. He hasn't been able to archery hunt in about five years. I set it up for him and it seems to be a fairly nice crossbow especially for the money. It's a little loud though.