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1.) DParker - 09/17/2014
Up until today I've been agnostic on the issue of Scotland seceding from the UK. But clearly I had not given this vitally important matter the consideration that it is due, and I am now unambiguously and adamantly opposed to Scottish independance:

[URL="http://abcnews.go.com/Business/scottish-secession-sobering-prospect-scotch-whiskey-drinkers/story?id=25535799"]ABC News: Scottish Secession a Sobering Prospect for Scotch Whiskey Drinkers[/URL]
2.) Wild Bob - 09/17/2014
I was reading an article about it...it could be a big deal and have more global impact than I think most people realize. (Not only on whiskey, but many other areas of commerce and business.)

I guess we'll find out soon enough! The big day is tomorrow, isn't it?
3.) Wild Bob - 09/17/2014
Hey, wait just a second...isn't Scotland where they make 'Whisker-biscuits???'

Or at least, Butt-outs...I think they make those there too.

LOL! :-)
4.) bluecat - 09/17/2014
Will this hurt the export of Scotch tape? (You know everything else is just crap)

5.) Wild Bob - 09/17/2014
Nice, Bluecat!

Oh-boy, can we have fun with this one or what???
6.) Wild Bob - 09/17/2014
Will 'Scotch-Eggs' become the official snack of the new country?

(Just for the record, I love Scotch Eggs!!! Yea baby! :tu:)
7.) Swamp Fox - 09/17/2014
Well you can look at it this way: If they do succeed in seceding, it will be entertaining to see if the Scots socialists mend their ways for sheer survival once they lose the British subsidies, or if they immediately look to the European Union to coddle them like Greece.

I also look forward to all the whining from the English...

On the down side, it will be a plus for vodka.
8.) DParker - 09/17/2014
[QUOTE=Wild Bob;25430]Hey, wait just a second...isn't Scotland where they make 'Whisker-biscuits???'[/QUOTE]

I read that as "Whisky-biscuits" (note the proper Scottish spelling of "whisky").
9.) Swamp Fox - 09/17/2014
[QUOTE=Wild Bob;25433]Will 'Scotch-Eggs' become the official snack of the new country?

(Just for the record, I love Scotch Eggs!!! Yea baby! :tu:)[/QUOTE]

I had to look those up...

My jury is still out. :wink


[I]Gary Rhodes airily opines in one of his cookbooks: "It doesn't take much to work out where scotch eggs were born. They are a Scottish speciality." Nonsense, Gary. Fortnum & Mason created the egg in 1738 as a portable snack for coach travellers heading west from London along Piccadilly. I spoke with Fortnum's archivist, Dr Andrea Tanner, who said: "the eggs would have been smaller in those days: pullet's rather than hen's eggs. The meat would also have been gamier, like a strong, coarse liver pâté."

Scotch eggs filtered steadily down the social ranks: they grew more common – in both senses – with cheaper Victorian meat, and were thence exported abroad. Mr Bigg's, a Nigerian fast food chain, today serves them alongside "heritage pottage" and jollof rice. Scotch eggs on sticks are classics of the Minnesota State Fair and, according to this online forum, "skotchi eggu" are a staple of Japanese new year (recipe here).


10.) Bob Peck - 09/17/2014
Scotch? What about the big boy toys?


11.) DParker - 09/17/2014
[QUOTE=Bob Peck;25440]Scotch? What about the big boy toys?



Maybe we can offer to host their nukes in exchange for a discount on scotch?
12.) Bob Peck - 09/17/2014
[QUOTE=DParker;25441]Maybe we can offer to host their nukes in exchange for a discount on scotch?[/QUOTE]
I like the way you think! :laugh:
13.) Swamp Fox - 09/17/2014
Looking forward to Obama's welcome speech where he says the nation of Scotland isn't Scottish...
14.) bluecat - 09/17/2014
Will the price of Haggis go up? Should I stockpile?
15.) Swamp Fox - 09/17/2014
It depends on whether you are expecting many earthquakes...
16.) DParker - 09/17/2014
[QUOTE=bluecat;25451]Will the price of Haggis go up? Should I stockpile?[/QUOTE]

Only if you stock up on both. If there are two things that belong together it's eating boiled sheep innards and being hammered on scotch.
17.) Swamp Fox - 09/17/2014
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;25453]It depends on whether you are expecting many earthquakes...[/QUOTE]

Wait...That doesn't work. Sheep's bladders aren't in haggis...Well, that's a relief...
18.) Swamp Fox - 09/18/2014
19.) bluecat - 09/18/2014
That is hysterical!
20.) Deerminator - 09/18/2014
21.) Deerminator - 09/18/2014
22.) Deerminator - 09/18/2014
23.) DParker - 09/18/2014
24.) bluecat - 09/18/2014

That was interesting. I wouldn't mind trying it sometime just to say I did.
25.) Swamp Fox - 09/18/2014
Here's an oldie but goodie...Originally by a Scot named Andy Stewart in the 60's but I always liked these versions from the Dubliners and the Irish Rovers better. My favorite version is at the link because embedding is disabled.

But for those who don't like to click on links, this is by The Dubliners, I believe, and mis-marked the Irish Rovers---but I could be wrong.

And this is the Irish Rovers:


Edit: I now believe both versions are from the Irish Rovers. The voice I heard in the first track that made me think it was the Dubliners more likely belongs to Jimmy Ferguson who was with the Rovers until his death in '97. I believe [I]Irish Rovers' Gems[/I] came out in '96. [/COLOR]
26.) DParker - 09/18/2014
27.) Deerminator - 09/18/2014
28.) bluecat - 09/18/2014
Don't forget ornamental kilt night down at the pub.

29.) DParker - 09/18/2014
We have a couple of those places around here. Oddly, the wife refuses every time I suggest trying one when we're out looking for something to eat.
30.) Swamp Fox - 09/18/2014
I'd like to know the name of the place, just in case I'm ever in the mood for haggis.
31.) DParker - 09/18/2014
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;25524]I'd like to know the name of the place, just in case I'm ever in the mood for haggis.[/QUOTE]

The tattooed lass on the left (your left) is telling you the name of the place. You're just not listening.
32.) Swamp Fox - 09/19/2014
It's not that I'm not listening...It's just that I can't hear a word she's saying! :-) :grin:
33.) Swamp Fox - 09/19/2014
You manky Scots gits!

William Wallace's Revenge (Postponed? I suppose it depends on whether you dream...)

I will close with these two commentaries below. If one doesn't appreciate salty language, one should probably avoid clicking on them, shouldn't one? Tally-ho, chaps...