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1.) DParker - 10/18/2016
It's about 5:45 am and I'm a couple miles south of Commerce, TX on my way to the Cooper WMA when a big raccoon decides to cross the highway in front of me. There was nobody else on that stretch of road so I had my bright lights on, allowing me to see him with just enough time to swerve a little bit in an attempt to miss him as he neared the center line. Swerving ~5,000 lbs of pickup truck at all at 75 MPH is a dicey proposition, but I was able to juke to the right just enough that I would have missed him had he either kept going the same direction or even if he'd just panicked and frozen in place. But, noooooooo....Mr. Bandit Mask decides that his best course of action is to execute a sudden 180 turn and head right back the way he came, taking him directly under both of my Frontier's left wheels. At least it was over fast.

So...where's [I]that[/I] contest?
2.) bluecat - 10/18/2016
I suppose Any Other Legal Weapon could be interpreted as a Nissan Frontier, however we'll need pics of some scraps of meat. Hopefully the buzzards left enough to identify.

Team 'Four on the Floor' scores once more.
3.) DParker - 10/18/2016
I saw him on the trip back from the other side of the divided highway, and he was literally as flat as a pancake. I'd have needed my big ol' steel spatula to scrape any of him off the pavement.
4.) bluecat - 10/18/2016

It's a cruel world out there. Be safe.
5.) bluecat - 10/18/2016
6.) bluecat - 10/18/2016
7.) DParker - 10/18/2016

It's a cruel world out there. Be safe.[/QUOTE]

8.) Swamp Fox - 10/18/2016
I had a deer run into the side of my truck one night a long time ago and couldn't figure out how it happened until I read something that seemed to make sense.

I saw the deer with plenty of time to slow down and even get in the oncoming lane to drive around it (at maybe 20 miles an hour) and thought I'd made it when ---BAM!---She ran right into my side.

Somewhere along the line I came across an article that suggested something like this: that the animals that have eyes constructed like deer (and I think raccoons are similar) are blinded at one point, and then as the headlights/angle of light moves to a different position it seems to the animal that the danger has passed (or they remain blinded when we think they shouldn't be---I don't remember) so that they're just as likely to change directions in a panic or run into the side of a vehicle that could have just as easily have passed them unharmed.

Another time, I remember a date that didn't end as well as I'd hoped because a bunny got run over...

It really IS a cruel world out there....:p
9.) bluecat - 10/18/2016
I remember driving with my wife down a two way street in Lincoln, Nebraska and the car in front of me hit a squirrel. The squirrel was in the center of my lane flopping violently and painfully. I lined up my tires and put an end to its misery. My wife had a few choice words for me as to how cruel I was to kill that squirrel.

Some days you just can't win.
10.) bluecat - 10/18/2016
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;44921]
Another time, I remember a date that didn't end as well as I'd hoped because a bunny got run over...

It really IS a cruel world out there....:p[/QUOTE]

Was it this kind of bunny?
11.) Swamp Fox - 10/18/2016



(Oh, and the answer is: Not quite. ---But I wasn't complaining, either. :wink)
12.) DParker - 10/18/2016

Was it this kind of bunny?[/QUOTE]

13.) RowdyXRedneck - 10/18/2016
[ATTACH]546[/ATTACH] bunny bunny bunny!!
14.) bluecat - 10/18/2016
[QUOTE=RowdyXRedneck;44959][ATTACH]546[/ATTACH] bunny bunny bunny!![/QUOTE]

Our bunnies in KS have more hare on them...