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1.) DParker - 10/22/2013
...from one of the last places I would have expected it: Not just a European official, but the current Chief of Interpol.

2.) bluecat - 10/22/2013
Hopefully, common sense will prevail. But in this day and age, I'm not sure.
3.) DParker - 10/22/2013
Oh, I'd bet money against anything substantial coming of it (and happily lose that money if proven wrong). But I thought that the idea being seriously considered by such a high level international law enforcement official noteworthy nonetheless.

Note: In my OP I mischaracterized Interpol and the official cited as being "European". Although the organization is headquartered in Lyon, France it is truly international, with 98 member nations...and the Sec. General, Ronald Noble, is an American. But that doesn't really diminish my surprise considering the nature of the organization as well as the audience at whom Noble's comments were directed.
4.) Ventilator - 10/22/2013
[QUOTE=bluecat;11981]Hopefully, common sense will prevail. But in this day and age, I'm not sure.[/QUOTE]


prob not until dipchit is out of office anyway. im sure we will see an effort to remove the 2 term limit for US presidents.