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1.) DParker - 04/13/2016
I was waiting for him to shine the laser at his face, just to be sure. I've seen this same sort of stupidity at the range on numerous occasions. So far none of it has resulted in the inevitable. So far.

EDIT: It looks like the poster has disabled viewing via other websites, so you'll need to click on the YouTube logo and watch it there.

2.) bluecat - 04/13/2016
That was hard to watch. :shocked:
3.) DParker - 04/13/2016
Quick reaction on his buddy's part keeping the dropped pistol from hitting the floor after Delbert Dumbass dropped it on the table.
4.) bluecat - 04/13/2016
I would have liked to have heard their/his dialog.
5.) DParker - 04/13/2016
[QUOTE=bluecat;40779]I would have liked to have heard their/his dialog.[/QUOTE]

"Here, Dale, hold my beer while I see if this thing's workin'...."
6.) Swamp Fox - 04/14/2016
That's why God gave you two hands, so if something happened to one of them...

I would like to speculate further, but the little guy on my right shoulder has convinced me not to. :wink
7.) Bob Peck - 04/14/2016
What a freakin dope! There's many more like him that I hope to NEVER meet.

8.) DParker - 04/14/2016
That Tex Grebner video is already legendary. I do give the guy some respect for at least being as quick to publicly own his mistake as most other people are to try to rationalize it away as the fault of the equipment, bad luck, etc....even if listening to him reminds me of a slower version of Rain Man. And honestly, as irresponsible as he was being by rushing his draw like that...especially with a new holster...his actions there weren't half as stupid as most of the other things I've seen lead to NDs.

But, yeah...playing Quick Draw McGraw is a bad idea. Given that he was alone he's lucky he didn't hit an artery and bleed out right there.
9.) Swamp Fox - 04/14/2016
[QUOTE=DParker;40795]...even if listening to him reminds of a slower version of Rain Man...[/QUOTE]


He's about the only one on the internet who doesn't blame a Serpa...:wink
10.) DParker - 04/18/2016
Here are some more great examples from the past week...this time from our men and women in blue.

(Ignore the sloppy journalism on this one, which I'm sure you already do anyway, lest you need to wrap your head in duct tape to keep it from exploding):

[URL="http://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/San-Francisco-Sheriffs-Deputy-Accidentally-Discharges-Weapon-Inside-Hall-of-Justice-375642301.html?fb_comment_id=975342865875487_975805925829181&comment_id=975805925829181#f17de4bda588714"]San Francisco Sheriff's Deputy Accidentally Discharges 'Baby Glock' Inside Hall of Justice[/URL]

[QUOTE]Sources told NBC Bay Area that Gaines brought the handgun, a 22-caliber “baby” Glock, to work and was apparently not familiar with how it operated. She handed it to Santos and asked him about its use, sources said. The second deputy pointed the weapon at the first deputy and – apparently unaware the weapon was loaded – pulled the trigger. The round missed the her, piercing an equipment storage cabinet, before lodging in the office wall.[/QUOTE]

And, [URL="http://www.wusa9.com/news/local/dc/unloaded-gun-dry-fried-at-dc-police-meeting-sources-say/141416329"]Unloaded gun 'dry-fired' at DC police meeting, sources say[/URL]

[QUOTE]WASHINGTON – An officer in the Metropolitan Police Department's first district “dry-fired” an unloaded weapon at the head of another officer during a roll-call meeting on Saturday afternoon, possibly under orders from a sergeant as part of a training exercise, four MPD sources tell WUSA9.[/QUOTE]
11.) Swamp Fox - 04/18/2016
The good news isthese peoplearefrom police departments, notPublic Safety ....:re:
12.) DParker - 04/18/2016
The other good news is that they're all qualified to be DEA agents.

13.) Swamp Fox - 04/18/2016
"I'mtheonly one qualified enough to carry a Glock 40"...Bang!...LOL..

I always gigglealittlewhen I see acop in a carmarked "Public Safety"...And not in a goodway...:wink
14.) bluecat - 04/18/2016
It's obviously profiling.