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1.) DParker - 10/06/2018
75F at 6am, and about 10,000% humidity. More mosquitoes than I've ever seen before in my life...and my Thermacell crapped out on me. After an hour's drive there and a 20 minute walk in to our favorite area, we (my son and I) lasted a whole 5 minutes before losing a pint of blood each and deciding to bail out and go home.

If we don't both have a case of West Nile it'll be a miracle.
2.) bluecat - 10/06/2018
Damn, that sounds pretty bad.
3.) DParker - 10/06/2018
[QUOTE=bluecat;57211]Damn, that sounds pretty bad.[/QUOTE]

I've never seen anything like it. I'm going to try again next week, since it's supposed to cool down a bit...but I'm bringing a small bottle of Off! with me. A thousand times bitten, twice shy.
4.) bluecat - 10/07/2018
Would a bug baffler help? It's a mesh pullover with no seams.
5.) DParker - 10/07/2018
[QUOTE=bluecat;57213]Would a bug baffler help? It's a mesh pullover with no seams.[/QUOTE]

Huh. I'd never heard of them before. But I just looked them up and am kind of intrigued now.
6.) bluecat - 10/07/2018
Their website has different models. The one I have is a pullover and it's one piece, so you'd be viewing through a net facemask. I saw one on the website that the hood can come off. I use it for bees in the summer.
7.) DParker - 10/07/2018
Thanks for the tip. I'm going to look into them.
8.) Swamp Fox - 10/07/2018
There's always the old Bug Tamer suit (new and improved but I only have experience with the original), and I woud highly recommend running two Thermacells and treating your clothes with Permethrin. Mosquitoes will still buzz you, but landing is cut way down, and the little bastards that do land are dead skeeters walking. A 3/4 headnet like an HS helps a lot and doesn't impair vision or shooting the way most other headnets do.

9.) crookedeye - 10/07/2018
i have the bug tamer suit...gloves , hat.i sat in a field in mid july after a rain the day before just to test it out...the mosuitoes drove me crazy with there buzzing, but the suit is awesome.
10.) Jon - 10/08/2018
The skeeters are unreal here as well. I can't even imagine going out without a thermacell. I have backups to backups just so I can hunt. I hope we get a cold snap soon and these bugs go away.
11.) Swamp Fox - 10/09/2018
[QUOTE=DParker;57208]75F at 6am, and about 10,000% humidity...[/QUOTE]

We used to dream of 75* and 10,000* humidity ...
12.) Swamp Fox - 10/09/2018
[QUOTE=DParker;57208]75F at 6am, and about 10,000% humidity. [/QUOTE]


We used to DREAM of 75* and 10,000% humidity ...
13.) bluecat - 10/09/2018