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1.) DParker - 08/27/2015
Today marks the 25th anniversary of Stevie Ray Vaughan's death in 1990. I remember it like it was yesterday.

2.) DParker - 08/27/2015
3.) Wild Bob - 08/27/2015
It is a sad day.

I didn't know it was on this day... (but your not that old...don't go getting all mushy on us! :-) )

I saw him and the original members of the Out Laws play a concert together less than a year before his death. What a show - it was awesome. I've seen a lot of other concerts after that, many by some very good and accomplished artists, but none put on a better (or longer) show than Stevie Ray Vaughan did.

Stevie Ray was the headliner band, but I'll never forget that when the Outlaws played "Green Grass and High Tides," he came out and joined them on the main guitar riff. Now THAT was something to see and hear! It was probably the highlight of my concert going days.
4.) billy b - 08/27/2015
DPARKER, you don't even suspect old:tap:
5.) Jon - 08/28/2015
I'm not old BUT I did get to see Steevie at a small concert hall in Springfield Mass, I think it was 1989?
6.) bluecat - 08/28/2015
[QUOTE=DParker;34217][B]Wow, I'm Old[/B]...[/QUOTE]

We know. Geritol?
7.) billy b - 08/28/2015
[QUOTE=Jon;34230]I'm not old BUT I did get to see Steevie at a small concert hall in Springfield Mass, I think it was 1989?[/QUOTE]

I saw her in Dallas about then, I think in 90.
8.) Swamp Fox - 08/28/2015



[COLOR="#FF0000"][I]"LOL---You people so funny!"[/I][/COLOR]
9.) Jon - 08/28/2015
Steevie Nicks was hot at one point. either that or i was just a horny teenager
10.) bluecat - 08/28/2015
Unless...SRV was really a transgender strat player. Mmmm, the plot thickens.
11.) Wild Bob - 08/28/2015
Me thinks there is some confusion going on round here...

12.) Swamp Fox - 08/28/2015
[QUOTE=bluecat;34244]Unless...SRV was really a transgender strat player. Mmmm, the plot thickens.[/QUOTE]

The trifecta would be born black and blind, too...LOL

Or, for the quadfecta: born a blind black boy, become a white (1) sighted (2) god (3) of electric blues, and [B]then [/B] top it all off by transitioning to a pop rock star of the female persuasion (4)....

Ding ding ding....That qualifies for a prize from the top shelf!

Where inhabiting the bodies and souls of living people after you've died comes in, I'm not sure, but that's gotta win the grand prize of the whole carnival...LOL
13.) bluecat - 08/28/2015
LOL! I might have to wear one of those wrist thingys that quarterbacks wear just to keep accurate track of which lives matter and which don't...

I would need the information streamed via satellite for updates as I might be out of sync. One thing for sure, this fall, deer lives DO NOT matter.