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1.) Swamp Fox - 06/06/2014
I'm always interested to see if there's anything new out there, and what people use.

Couple of questions:

Does anyone see a difference in the info given out in the fishing vs. hunting data on ScoutLook? To me it looks like the same content no matter if I click on the hunting tab or the fishing tab. Am I missing something? Seems like maybe there was some small difference in the past, but I could be mis-remembering.

Also, when I look at their solunar prime times, they're different from, say, In-Fisherman's. Both are calibrated to your zip code, so I assume both are supposed to be as accurate as can be. Hunting and fishing prime times seem the same within each provider. I suppose that is the nature of the beast, but if that's not always supposed to be the case, I'd like to be corrected.

Now here's a biggie: Somebody else's solunar prime times (don't ask me whose---I don't recall) have always seemed to correlate exactly with moon overhead/underfoot, whereas I see no such relationship at Scoutlook or In-Fisherman, to use them as examples again. In fact, I quit looking at this third party's solunar prime times, because as long as I knew what the overhead/underfoot times were, I knew what their prime times were. Has anyone else ever noticed major discrepancies between various solunar table prime time forecasting services, or other examples of over-simplification? I always thought they all subscribed to one table and published it, and that they'd all be the same. On closer inspection, that does not appear to be the case.

I don't really care about how useful Solunar Tables are...I just want to talk about the various providers/calculation methods.
2.) DParker - 06/06/2014
Forget all that. What does your horoscope say?
3.) Swamp Fox - 06/06/2014
[I]Although you've been feeling especially strong physically over the past few days, Cancer, today you might feel a little under the weather. You could even experience some giddiness. This is nothing to worry about, but you should try to take it easy. Don't exercise if you don't feel up to it. Get some rest. Even if you have to postpone some chores, you'll be better off in the long run. Although you'll never catch any fish typing to your little friends on the internet. [/I]

True story....

4.) bluecat - 06/06/2014
Forget what DParker said, what does the Magic 8 Ball say?

"It is decidedly so."
5.) Swamp Fox - 06/06/2014
Well, my Magic 8 Ball is my go-to if I can't figure out the solunar tables or my sky chart...

Barack Obama's horoscope for today (short version, lol):


Emotional matters could hit the fan today at a social event or group meeting of some kind. Those around you are apt to be feeling especially stressed and volatile, Leo, so be prepared for anything. Try to stay out of passionate confrontations, and don't try to put oil on troubled waters. At times like this, such attempts only cause unwanted attention to focus on you. Stay centered.
6.) toxophilite - 06/08/2014
I have a casio huntingtime watch that gives you all the info you asked about plus sunrise and sunset all for less than 50 bucks :tu:
7.) crookedeye - 06/08/2014
I have one of those watches also, supposedly tells you peak time of deer movement, sunset, sunrise, moon position, alarm, GMT times for sunrise and sunset plus a stop watch...

since I've been keeping a journal for the last few years (yeah right).... I notice that the deer movement in the area I hunt is always better during a new moon/quarter moon.. I never really did try going out and hunting til 11:00 ish to 3:00 ish like they tell you in the magazines..i usually try and hunt at least 3 hrs in the morning and evenings..longer than that with no action, my eye starts to twitch..
8.) crookedeye - 06/08/2014
the magic 8 ball is probally more accurate expecially the 1970 models..the harder you shake them the more pleased you will be with the answer it gives..one thing I like about the magic 8 ball is it gets to the point its not wishy washy..its either yes, no, highly unlikely, or keep trying..
9.) Hunter - 06/08/2014
Isolunar App for Iphone.............. peak times are moon directly overhead or directly underfoot. You can choose either fishing times or hunting times - times don't change just the icons change from fish to deer heads :re:
10.) Swamp Fox - 06/09/2014
Right...I guess somebody could forecast peak times and not advertise them as part of their/"the" solunar tables, but then I thought the whole point of solunar tables was to forecast peak times, and it's not made clear that these predictions (overhead/underfoot) are [I]not[/I] part of the solunar tables. A little deception involved, perhaps.

Maybe overhead/underfoot predictions are cheaper for apps and websites to use since that's free government info, whereas you have to pay for a license to use the Solunar Tables commercially?
11.) bluecat - 06/09/2014
They should just make a watch that beeps when you need to be in the stand.
12.) Swamp Fox - 06/09/2014
[QUOTE=crookedeye;20522]the magic 8 ball is probally more accurate expecially the 1970 models..the harder you shake them the more pleased you will be with the answer it gives..one thing I like about the magic 8 ball is it gets to the point its not wishy washy..its either yes, no, highly unlikely, or keep trying..[/QUOTE]

This is true. There's an anomaly with the D-model 8-Balls introduced during the Clinton era and since that you should look out for as well.

The answers you get from them are often disconnected from common sense, historical facts and life on this planet. Sometimes, their answers aren't even what you asked, and it's common that they directly contradict previous answers. Not that this is a brand new problem or that it doesn't happen with other models from time to time, but it seems to be a integral defect of the D's.

How can you tell if you're looking at a D-model 8-Ball? Usually, they're clearly marked. Look at their undersides. They will usually show their bottoms right through any packaging. If you still can't tell, experts advise asking the 8-Ball some questions and making your own determination.

If you get answers like "Baloney!", 'What difference, at this point, does it make?" and “On the advice of my counsel, I respectfully exercise my Fifth Amendment right and decline to answer that question,” you can be sure you are looking at a defective.
13.) bluecat - 06/09/2014

I just read about these new 8-balls in the news...