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1.) Ventilator - 06/30/2014
With all the talk from CE regarding elk hunting I thought I would pass along some info on some high speed socks ive discovered. With all the rucking/training/endurance challenges Ive been doing over the last year, I have had plenty of time to test them out. This in addition to recommendations and use by some of my friends that do endurance challenges as well.

[url]www.prosok.com[/url] is the company. One of the owners is a 10 year veteran of US Army SF and is also a Cadre at GORUCK, Inc. These socks are terrific and preventing blisters and hotspots. Last long ruck I did was for Memorial Day Carry the Fallen. We did 27 miles with 45lb rucks. I plan to use these thru hunting season until it gets too cold. If any of yall plan to do extensive hiking this season, check them out.
2.) crookedeye - 06/30/2014
Kenny was that the one where you almost drowned???lol
3.) Ventilator - 06/30/2014
HAHA, F__K yeah it was.

The socks were good tho. :tu:
4.) Ventilator - 06/30/2014
Actually , the CTF ruck was a month after the one I almost drowned at. No water involved in the last one.
5.) crookedeye - 06/30/2014
i'm not really working out at all..i kinda been riding the bike and doing some 16 oz curls.. I was thinking about bringing the lazy chair for the blind..
6.) Ventilator - 06/30/2014
lazy chair would be perfect. better than a 5 gal bucket...unless u need to take a dump. We will only have about a 10 yd walk to the blind.

May have some long stalks in the mornings. You know, long slow walks/crawls on the cactus beaches. Bring your knee pads. lol
7.) crookedeye - 06/30/2014
I don't no if I can handle all day in a blind..i figue two days in a blind and a couple days stalking...or make my own blind in some trees..plus you better bring youre knee pads..youre going to need them...
8.) Ventilator - 06/30/2014
LOL, I always have my knee pads, but only for letting your sister borrow them!!!
9.) Ventilator - 06/30/2014
We usually spot/stalk each morning and sit the afternoons in the blind. Like from 1 til dark. Still a long hot sit . It would be good to bring a cooler of beer maybe. :tu:
10.) bluecat - 06/30/2014
[QUOTE=Ventilator;21474]We usually spot/stalk each morning and sit the afternoons in the blind. Like from 1 til dark. Still a long hot sit . It would be good to bring a cooler of beer maybe. :tu:[/QUOTE]

Maybe CrookedEye could bring some of his Playboys and Archie Comics.
11.) Ventilator - 06/30/2014
that would be cool....especially if he has a vintage Pamela Anderson Route 66. haven't seen that one in years. that would be a close one vs Archie
12.) crookedeye - 06/30/2014
you would be jealous if you seen my vintage Suzanne summers playboy special..
13.) crookedeye - 06/30/2014
billy knows about that one ....right billy??
14.) crookedeye - 06/30/2014
the nights we had...
15.) bluecat - 06/30/2014
[QUOTE=crookedeye;21477]you would be jealous if you seen my vintage Suzanne summers playboy special..[/QUOTE]

Is that the one where the pages don't turn so well?
16.) Deerminator - 06/30/2014
it's prolly all gubbered up by now.
17.) Dan-o - 07/01/2014
[QUOTE=Ventilator;21474]We usually spot/stalk each morning and sit the afternoons in the blind. Like from 1 til dark. Still a long hot sit . It would be good to bring a cooler of beer maybe. :tu:[/QUOTE]

What do you mean we? You hunted for two hours and killed your goat before the hunt started and then say in the truck reading playgirl magazines for the rest of the trip!
18.) Ventilator - 07/01/2014
[QUOTE=Dan-o;21485]What do you mean we? You hunted for two hours and killed your goat before the hunt started and then say in the truck reading playgirl magazines for the rest of the trip![/QUOTE]

I cant help it if im lucky!

And I followed u around for short time one morning. :tu:

Besides, they were the vintage john holmes editions.
19.) crookedeye - 07/05/2014
[QUOTE=Deerminator;21484]it's prolly all gubbered up by now.[/QUOTE]

pages 21 thru 27 have been abused..i was a little rough on her back then..
20.) Triton Rich - 07/05/2014
[B] Enough idle chit chat, this thread is about socks! :tap: I've got problems. My feet sweat a lot. It's ironic that because my feet are sweaty they're cold. I've tried the liner socks and all but so far the only thing that works is over insulating and letting them sweat. This applies only to sitting on stand, when I'm hiking I use light socks and I'm fine. Any thoughts?[/B]
21.) Swamp Fox - 07/05/2014
Are you wearing rubber boots? If so, maybe a different lining would help. My Bogs boots are not as bad for sweat as my Lacrosse and they are neoprene insulated vs. rubber-and-felt non-insulated.

The other thing I would try is giving your foot more room to breathe in the boot. A less-thick sock (which doesn't mean it will necessarily be less warm) and/or stepping up half or even a whole boot size might do the trick. I did that back in the old days when I first went to rubber boots or rubber-footed boots for deer hunting even in dry conditions, and it was the difference between night and day vs. wearing my normal size.
22.) Triton Rich - 07/05/2014
[B]I usually use insulated rubber boots down to 25 or so then some oversized insulated boots with not so thick socks when it's colder. That's the best system I found so far. I was just wondering if there was some new sweaty feet technology out there![/B]
23.) Swamp Fox - 07/05/2014
If you want to stick with the rubber boots, I'd experiment with some liner/sock combos to see if you can hit on something that works. A couple of companies make "boot socks" for calf-high and knee-high boots and I'll bet you can find somebody who advertises them as designed for moisture control. I wear some from Cabelas in moderate temps and they seem to do a good job. My liners are mostly CoolMax or the cold weather version (whatever it's called). I'm not a huge fan of polypropylene, which I think doesn't breathe as well as I'd like. With the right boot I can wear a thin man-made liner, then a light wool liner, and then a heavy hunting sock. That combo's toasty.

You can also try an odorless antiperspirant and/or some cornstarch for moisture control.
24.) Triton Rich - 07/05/2014
[B]I've pretty much got it figured out down to 20 degrees or so. When it's in the teens, I can manage 2 or maybe 3 hours and then my feet are cold. That is with 2000 gram boots, liners and wool socks. Really, it's not a big deal because I generally don't sit longer than that anyway. [/B]
25.) Dan-o - 07/06/2014
All of my hunting boots are non insulated. I can't imagine wearing insulated hunting boots above thirty degrees, especially while hiking. My feet would probably sweat so bad they would fall off.

I go with liners and smart wool light hiking sock combo with light hiking boots that are not insulated. Stop and change them once a day. If that's not enough, or if I'm not hiking but sitting, I go with a heavier wool sock.
26.) NEBigAl - 07/06/2014
Have you read about creating a vapor barrier or vapor lock on your feet? I read something about it a while ago on keeping your feet warm in sub zero temps. It involved wrapping your feet in plastic, which somehow caused your body to stop sweating and made your feet feel warm. or maybe Im thinking on how to reheat a chimichanga I get the two confused sometimes
27.) crookedeye - 07/06/2014
I wear a thin dress sock then a poleyester cotton...I forget the name of the company, but I think its called fruit of the loom...
28.) crookedeye - 07/06/2014
fruit of the loom mountain socks if my memory serves me right...its made for bikers joggers and youre average golfer.. you can get a pak of 6 socks for like 15 bucks..
29.) crookedeye - 07/06/2014
sure fruit of the loom is not as glamorious as rocket socks or extreme socks...but fruit of the loom has been around for awhile..
30.) Hunter - 07/06/2014
Look into Bass Pro's branded Red Head lifetime guarantee socks. I bought 5 pairs and wear them everyday regardless of temperature. They are great. Hard to explain the way wool is stitched but they work in heat or cold. Been waiting for a pair to wear out so I can try their replacement policy but it hasn't happened yet.
$10/pair is a great investment.

31.) crookedeye - 07/06/2014
are those the ones with a layer of bamboo??
32.) crookedeye - 07/06/2014
a irish man was looking for a parking spot...he looked up to the heavens "Dear lord" please find me a parking spot ..I'll quit me whiskey and be done with my dirty ways... just then the ski's parted and a spot got open....the Irishman then said.."nevermind I just found one...
33.) Swamp Fox - 07/06/2014
LOL...Good one.

I had a pair of Redhead socks that wore through the heels pretty damn fast. Don't think they had any wool in them. I am looking for some new socks this year, so I might try the ones you suggest, Hunter. Thx.
34.) Hunter - 07/06/2014
These are almost like double-layered. I used to go through socks like crazy until I tried these. They are a little thick but I really like them.
35.) Swamp Fox - 07/06/2014
Yes! One of my favorite pair of hunting socks was double layered...I can't remember where I got them but I had them forever. Took them to wash at a laundromat near Camp Swampy last fall, and one of them disappeared...

If I see anybody walking down the highway with a cardboard sign, a garbagebag poncho and one really good sock, I'm gonna kick his ass...
36.) crookedeye - 07/06/2014
its amazing how a single sock can disappear like that!
37.) crookedeye - 07/06/2014
i'm like morther phuckder...that sock was just here...
38.) Swamp Fox - 07/06/2014
I know, right?...I'm still not over it.
39.) Triton Rich - 07/06/2014
[B]Thanks for the suggestion Hunter, I'll definitely grab a pair or two of those. Lots of great reviews. [/B]
40.) Ventilator - 07/07/2014
I usually wear a light sock called Coolmax from Rivers West with a smart wool thicker sock over it when hunting. The Prosoks are made with bamboo and are supposed to have great wicking qualities. I haven't tried them in really cold weather yet, but they are great for all ive used them for. My feet haven't gotten funky at all from any of the extreme hiking/rucking ive used them for. They are supposedly good for cold weather as well. I will probably use them as an under layer with medium smart wool sock over them in extreme cold. Doubt I would use that combo for any serious hikes in to the stand or for stalking. Changing them once a day is a great idea as well, or at least when you get to your stand after a good walk.