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1.) Wild Bob - 08/11/2014
So what's everyone's thoughts on the Smoke's latest issue?
2.) crookedeye - 08/11/2014
that was a bad deal.. the kid should of not got out of his car in the first place...tony might of tried to scare him a little bit. I don't no
3.) Wild Bob - 08/11/2014
Yea, I agree it is a bad deal. I also agree that he should not have gotten out of his car like he did. But looking back at Stewart's history, and the way it went down...it looks bad on him. I think his luck may have run thin on this deal...

Every hot head that I've known gets to a point where they push it too far and this just may be his point. It's a shame it had to get to the point that someone died like this.
4.) crookedeye - 08/11/2014
will never no the only one that knows is tony stewart.. I would bet my life on it that toney did not what to kill the guy..
5.) billy b - 08/12/2014
Having experience owning & driving sprint cars back in the 80's, Tony did brush the front of the guys car while he was passing and turned him into the fence, but he should have stayed in his car until at least after the first yellow lap, also he had on a black fire suit which made him hard to see running on the black dirt track in the poor lighting. That being said, Tony did try to scare him on purpose, I don't know if Tony misjudged the distance or his car hit a dry slick part in the track, either way he didn't have to gun it, the guy was still running toward Tony when Tony gunned the motor so both acted pretty stupid at the same time, what a shame. I know Tony did not intend to hit him, that is not the first time someone acted foolish after a wreck, Tony is a big name & what better way to gather support from the locals than to act like a stud in front of your home crowd. In my opinion it's a shame a young life was lost needlessly, & both share equal blame, If it was possible both would welcome a do over. I'm sure this will lead to rule changes at the track, at the Devils Bowl track in Mesquite Tx. where I ran that rule was instated years ago.
That is the way the thing looked to me, both share equal blame.
6.) DParker - 08/12/2014
Yeah, it definitely had the look of two grown men behaving like foolish children, with one of them being in the unfortunate position that stood to pay the bigger price when their antics went south.
7.) Swamp Fox - 08/12/2014
I've only seen the video "up to a point" and haven't focused too hard on the story. What's the range of opinion on Stewart accelerating at this point? Do I have it right that the accident occurred where you would be accelerating under normal circumstances? Billy's obviously thinks Stewart gunned it, but I can't see that from what I've seen (not that I've really tried), or I don't know how to look for it.

All I've seen is tape up to just short of the impact. I can't see acceleration or deceleration, and if he is beginning a swerve to avoid it is not clear to me.
8.) Wild Bob - 08/12/2014
Spot on DP - I agree that they do both share responsibility. However, in my mind the levels of responsibility are not equal. Call me old fashioned, (a large degree of my feelings on this, or any other 'deal gone bad' is based on my up bringing: having a father that was an ex Marine that survived WWII instilled in me a point of view that may be different from a lot of other folks.)

The point of view that I'm coming from on this is: if anyone is involved in an altercation (that's not purely self defense in a hostile situation), and the end result is someone is dead...the last guy standing bore ultimate responsibility. TS made the last poor choice in the situation, and it back fired on him. He could have taken the high road and not egged anything on, and walked away, (he could have hung to the inside of the track and avoided confrontation) but he didn't, period. Yes, I agree that only TS will know the true answer…was it ego, anger, showing off…?

What really bothers me about this is the fact that (and I may be the only guy thinks this) but I'm sick and tired of so called celebrities and sports figures that are supposed to be role models, that pitched sportsmanship and role model behavior out the window. Again, call me old fashioned, but the world has more than enough hotheads, thugs, and deadbeats without glorifying that kind of behavior. By glorifying that behavior, I'm talking about turning a blind eye, and making excuses like, "Oh, that's just so and so," or "Oh, that's just typical for that sport.”

Baloney! At what point do we accept responsibility for our own actions?

I listen to people time and time again; who want to see public figures and politicians held to a higher standard. Well, guess what... we've (in general) created and perpetuated the environment where it’s OK to push the limits of right and wrong by making excuses and then putting up with that which we shouldn't...

If a blind eye is turned on sports figures, then why shouldn't we turn a blind eye for politicians and vice-versa? Doing the right thing starts on the personal level, with one's own actions, not someone else.

OK, I'll shut up now.
9.) billy b - 08/12/2014
Imo, Tony made the second mistake, he could not have made it if Cole hadn't charged toward his car running. I also think the track should have had a policy in place to prevent Cole from running onto a race track without a red flag, if they didn't, they should have. I'm not taking up for Tony, he is card carrying azz hole but that doesn't mean he deserves more blame than the person that created the problem in the first place. It's just a shame.