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1.) bluecat - 08/15/2014
We're going to win this for the Gipper!

Any suggestions for the team name?

Here's a few off the top off my dome.

"Three on the Tree"
"Team Three Stooges"
"The Border is Secure"
"Team Tea Party" (We'll get audited for sure)
"Team Drury Brothers"
2.) Forkie McRut - 08/15/2014
Rack Addicts?
3.) bluecat - 08/15/2014
Do we have a spokesmodel?
4.) bluecat - 08/18/2014
We could go "Rack Attack" but we would still need a spokesmodel.
5.) Forkie McRut - 08/18/2014
I've got a call in to Eva Shockey
6.) Ohbuckhunter - 08/19/2014
I gotta poop
7.) bluecat - 08/19/2014
How bout we call ourselves the Eve Shockeys?
8.) Hunter - 08/19/2014
[QUOTE=bluecat;23448]How bout we call ourselves the Eve Shockeys?[/QUOTE]

I think "Wishful Thinkers" would be more appropriate!
9.) Swamp Fox - 08/19/2014
Davey and the Dreamers

Rub-a-Dub-Dub, Three Men in a Tub

Team Cornfused?

Stop me when you hear something you like...LOL
10.) bluecat - 08/19/2014
I like them all. At this point I just want concensus. I was trying to get away from the normal...
11.) Swamp Fox - 08/19/2014
Concensus, huh? How about

The Agreeables

Agreeable Us

The Deciders

Team Group-think

Women and Children First

Every Man For Himself
12.) bluecat - 08/19/2014
How bout

"The police acted stupidly."

Of course there is always the tried and true "Team 4".
13.) Swamp Fox - 08/19/2014
Oh, well if you want to go political, the world's your oyster:

The Transparents (also good for over-40 coed volleyball teams and PTA groups)

The Worst Administration Ever

The Kenyan Globetrotters Tour 57 States and Gulf Ports on the Atlantic

If I Shot a Deer it Would Look Like Bambi

Smidgeons of Corruption

I'm sure there are more...LOL:-)
14.) Forkie McRut - 08/19/2014
Hooves up, don't shoot
15.) bluecat - 08/19/2014
I like it!
16.) Hunter - 08/19/2014
[QUOTE=bluecat;23453]I like them all. At this point I just want concensus. I was trying to get away from the normal...[/QUOTE]

Oh, I think we are all already far away from normal! :grin:
17.) bluecat - 08/19/2014
Swampy I think we have a name now.
18.) DParker - 08/19/2014
[QUOTE=Forkie McRut;23460]Hooves up, don't shoot[/QUOTE]

Al Sharpton bused me in from out of state to vote for this one.
19.) Swamp Fox - 08/19/2014
[QUOTE=DParker;23464]Al Sharpton bused me in from out of state to vote for this one.[/QUOTE]


Bluecat, post it in the sign-up thread when you have a second. :beer: