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1.) luv2bowhunt - 09/05/2014
After an extensive review, I'm thinking this is one worth trying out. Fits most of my criteria since they reduced the weight to 11 1/2 lbs. I know there are 4 or 5 of us on here, but have any of you lurkers who don't normally post own one of these?

Come on chime in, be brave, go big or go to NC.

2.) Swamp Fox - 09/05/2014
"How did I get dragged into this?" ---LOL

Don't have that stand, haven't played with one in the store, etc. so take this for what it's worth:

Seat's too low for me, especially for bowhunting. Reminds me of of my Loc On LEMs, lol.

That seat style is very comfy though. Good thing it lifts up, because models that don't are pretty darn big and in your way when you are climbing in and out of the stand. I do have a Gorilla with that type of seat that didn't last too well after two years in the tree, but I expect that won't be your problem. I also have one Millennium which is going into its second year in the tree. I'll report if I see any problems arising.

Platform's smaller on that M stand than I would choose, also. I wonder if something like this (see below) wouldn't be a contender for you. Somehow I missed that they had this size in a 12-pounder, or I would have told you about it earlier. Maybe it's brand new in the last couple of months:

3.) Bob Peck - 09/05/2014
I have had several. The seat is comfortable, durable, quiet & simple. The retail price is usually on the high side for a hang on. I find the platform too small for my liking especially when wearing insulated boots and the seat, while comfortable, can be difficult to hoist a large butt up and out of when you need to stand for a shot.
4.) Ventilator - 09/05/2014
Since Luv2 appears to have a small butt, he should be GTG with this stand. they are very comfortable. Hunted from one, but don't own one as I use the Guidos web most all the time now.
5.) luv2bowhunt - 09/05/2014
Thanks Bob. Normally for me platform or seat size not an issue. 160 lbs and a size 9 boot doesn't take up as much space I guess.

I prefer a strap that goes around the tree first and the stand hooks in. So that is a deal breaker for me on that one SF.:td:
6.) Swamp Fox - 09/05/2014
Hmmm...Didn't see that. I wonder if when you add the weight and cost of that strap and bracket, you're not into Lone Wolf Assault plus EZ-Hang territory. Maybe not, starting at 11.5 pounds, but it would be worth checking, to me. I don't recall what the current-issue Assaults weigh. If close, it would come down to the seat and packability, I suppose.

And since platform size isn't as important to you as it is to me, you could see how a Hawk Helium plus a Treestand Buddy would spec out, cost- and weight-wise...Just spitballin' here....I can't find a weight for the TSB's, and they've always seemed too expensive for my taste, but they might be worth a peek.

Hawk Helium: 21x27, 10.5 lbs.---

7.) luv2bowhunt - 09/05/2014
Just priced the treestand buddy this AM. About $100.00 or so.

8.) Swamp Fox - 09/05/2014
Well, I'm striking out left and right...

Not that that's something new...:wink
9.) Swamp Fox - 09/05/2014
Did you happen to come across a weight?

One last idea (maybe): Take a look at Muddy's hanging system (less expensive than TSB at last glance) and consider modifying a light, relatively inexpensive stand (The Helium, say) to accept it. I guarantee you a bunch of hillbillies are doing that very thing as I type.

You and the structural engineering experts of the internet hunting forums can hash out the placement and the safety of drilling the hanging hole, and I will sit back as a spectator. If the Hawk seat tube is constructed the same as the seat tubes on my Gorillas (and Hawks do seem to be a rebirth of the Gorilla stands) I'm fairly sure I know which side I would take in the flame war, but I'm keeping my mouth shut for now. :wink
10.) Swamp Fox - 09/05/2014
While you're at it, Muddy Hunter Pro 26 x20 platform, 12 lbs. , compatible with the hanging system (extra)...

Very nice seat and an awesome, awesome leveling system.

I have several big honkin' Outfitter Steels and love them..
11.) luv2bowhunt - 09/05/2014
I have checked out the Muddy's. Not sure what my hang up was with them. I've been researching this for 6 months or so.

The perfect stand for me does not exist. :td:
12.) Deerminator - 09/05/2014
Ever thought of makeing your own? It's not difficult.

I'm still using my o'l Baker mighty might climber
13.) luv2bowhunt - 09/05/2014
I couldn't make my own that meets ALL my requirements. I'd have to have lightweight materials and a system for a tree hanger that I would actually trust.
14.) Ventilator - 09/05/2014
Swampy, have you checked on Muddy availability on that mounting system? There were sold out most all of last year.
15.) Ventilator - 09/05/2014
Luv2, have you considered the Guido`s Web at all? For public land its the most mobile system ive found. You can leave your sticks or steps in trees all over the place and only have the one stand. Its possible to be up and hunting in under 3 mins. Just climb up and hook n hang. Ready to hunt.
16.) Swamp Fox - 09/05/2014
So I guess that means you're not willing to modify stands? :wink

What about a treestand hanger that just supports the stand until you can get it strapped in normally?

I'm somewhat on the fence about hanging brackets. I'm not real sure why someone who's willing to set up same-day (not my favorite method, but I understand the public land thing) really needs the third hand to be a manufactured item vs. a homemade item. Virtually any treestand can be hung in a few extra minutes (compared to a manufactured strap-on bracket) with a homemade eyebolt-and-hook-on-a-chain-or-paracord gizmo.

I meant to show you something when you told me a few weeks ago you felt a pulley system would be too bulky, but now I can't find it. I'll stay on the case, though. I was gonna buy it for myself and maybe a buddy.
17.) CHRIS - 09/05/2014
Luv2 have you checked out the Lone wolf Alpha Tech Hang on?
18.) luv2bowhunt - 09/05/2014
Remember, the seat has to be comfy for long sits. The Muddy Outdoors/Hawk seats don't look all that comfy to me. Read good reviews on the Millennium plus a good friend luvs his.
19.) luv2bowhunt - 09/05/2014
[QUOTE=CHRIS;24322]Luv2 have you checked out the Lone wolf Alpha Tech Hang on?[/QUOTE]

Yes, to a point. Lone Wolf stands don't look comfy to me. Am I wrong?
20.) Deerminator - 09/05/2014
get a hammock
21.) Floyd - 09/05/2014
[QUOTE=luv2bowhunt;24324]Yes, to a point. Lone Wolf stands don't look comfy to me. Am I wrong?[/QUOTE]

You get comfy, you fall asleep. Then, you miss buck of a life time while asleep................ don't be that guy.
22.) Swamp Fox - 09/05/2014
The Muddy seat is two notches better than the Hawk/Gorilla seat, which is a pretty good one to begin with, even for my bony ass, and Gorilla/Hawks' are five notches better than the Lone Wolf's thin seats. Haven't tried the fat LW seat as on the Tech.

The mesh seats with or without the backs are VERY comfortable.
23.) Pa bowhunter - 09/11/2014
I have a lone wolf alpha, and it is super easy to hang and light weight, and I have found it to be a comfortable stand to sit in, I have even done all day sits in that stand..
24.) Swamp Fox - 09/11/2014
A treestand over 12 pounds quashes it for Luv. He's posted elsewhere his other insane stand requirements :wink, but I'm not going to look them up for him. I'm working too hard around here as it is. :wink
25.) luv2bowhunt - 09/12/2014
If I had deep pockets, I'd develop the perfect stand. Of course I'd want to keep them for myself and would never share, thus immediately go bankrupt.:bang:
26.) bluecat - 09/12/2014
[QUOTE=luv2bowhunt;25075]If I had deep pockets, I'd develop the perfect stand.

It would have a cup holder, magazine rack full of Archie comics, internet access, ash tray, vibrating lumbar support, rain canopy, mini fridge, big screen with stereo surround so I can watch all the Drury videos while I'm hunting.


Hey, who's to judge.
27.) Deerminator - 09/12/2014