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1.) Bob Peck - 09/12/2014
Just curious how many of us get that weird look from family and friends when you tell them how much satisfaction you get spending an entire sunrise/sunset day clearing thickets and brush hogging hunting land?

My chainsaw dug into a ground hornets nest clearing a downed tree, I got stung twice and blessed it wasn't more (they were right pissed & felt like hot embers), had a near "uh-oh" mishap with the chainsaw (remember that old adage to put down the saw when you're tired?), ran out of water and was completely fatigued at the end of this very long day but I did get an impromptu nap under a tree. No poison ivy or poison oak or ticks. Spiritually, I felt great and the Lord blessed me with an awesome view as I drove away!





The landowner was absolutely giddy.
He said: "Can I drive my truck completely around the property (70+acres)?"

I laughed: "Heck yeah. I cleared downed trees off your fence line and even managed to drive my wife's Dodge Grand Caravan around the place. Don't tell her."

Big pause over the phone: "This deal looks like it's working out better for me than you. My property has never looked so good." he says.

Said with my best John Wayne impression:
"I think this deal is working out just fine for the both of us partner!"
2.) Swamp Fox - 09/12/2014
Why do you hate bunnies and little quail birds, Bob?

Looks good for whippoorwills, though. :p

Tell me more of this bush hog of which you speak...


P.S. Also, you missed a spot, and I would have lopped off those overhanging branches...

3.) Floyd - 09/12/2014
Job well done Bob. :tu:
4.) luv2bowhunt - 09/12/2014
Looks good Bob.

And yes, I get looks from my wife all the time. Rarely the ones I'm looking for either.
5.) Bob Peck - 09/12/2014
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;25113]Why do you hate bunnies and little quail birds, Bob? [/QUOTE] Hate? Nah. I love both. They taste good.

The pics are just access roads into and around the entire property. If I posted more pics you could see another 30+ acres of meadow.

[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;25113]P.S. Also, you missed a spot, and I would have lopped off those overhanging branches...[/QUOTE] Ambiance. :laugh:
6.) Deerminator - 09/12/2014
A good Day, Excellent!
Kind looks just like around here
7.) Bob Peck - 09/12/2014
[QUOTE=Deerminator;25122]Kind looks just like around here[/QUOTE]The flat lands in the Shenandoah Valley (where these pictures were taken) is very much like my home turf in Upstate NY with the exception that the growing season is 2-3 months longer and we're often sweating in Nov.

To the left of the first picture and right of the second is a gut busting deep, deep ravine just off the logging road where the deer run after you shoot them. My longest drag out of there took 3+ hrs. Last year, after 7 years hunting this property I wised up and nested a stand towards the bottom of this ravine and shoot them as they're climbing up to lessen the drag. Duh.

I'll take some pics of the land involved in a typical Blue Ridge Mountain hunt where it often takes 2+ hours just to get in (or straight up as the case may be). It looks nothing like home which by the way, thanks to the gun laws up in NY may never be my home again. I love my AR but apparently if I moved back to NY I'd have to give it up. Not a chance. "This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine."
8.) Deerminator - 09/12/2014
:tu:best of luck to ya Bob:tu: