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1.) crookedeye - 09/14/2014
I need one of those braided witchamacallits to hold a range finder..you no that look kinda like binocular straps, like the bone colletor guys wear..and rig something up..

maybe in a dill pickle green color.. I don't no if you still do that.but just asking..i'm willing to pay top dollar..:wave:
2.) crookedeye - 09/14/2014
i'm a big fan of the bonecollector guys...kinda like luv 2 is with the drury brothers but for some reason he cant admit it...I know its a guy thing to say you hate the drury brothers..but we all no he has the dvd collection of dreamseason 1 3 and 4
3.) crookedeye - 09/14/2014
did you ever see mark drury run???lol
4.) crookedeye - 09/14/2014
I don't no if you can weave up something good kinda like serena had in the 2002 French open.......
5.) billy b - 09/14/2014
Bluecat ain't talking to you goober:poke:
6.) crookedeye - 09/14/2014
if I wave a 5 dollar bill in front of his face he will listen...
7.) crookedeye - 09/14/2014
this is going to be big...everyone needs a good rangefinder holder....I like the idea.
8.) crookedeye - 09/14/2014
plus you can get different colors.''i like dill pickle green,,
9.) crookedeye - 09/14/2014
all we need now is a"model" to show it off...I was thinking Floyd to do the modeling.. his short and commading ways and baldness really would bring the women hunters in...
10.) Deerminator - 09/14/2014
Just what we need a bunch of angry beavers.

11.) crookedeye - 09/17/2014
bluecat do you need my chest measurement or torso girth??
12.) Swamp Fox - 09/17/2014
Stop...You're making everyone excited...
13.) crookedeye - 09/17/2014
I don't what that thing to tight ..it might restrich my breathing
14.) Swamp Fox - 09/17/2014
You think maybe it might be your lungs that would restrict your breathing?

Good thing your liver doesn't have anything to do with it....:wink

I don't know as much about your lungs...

15.) billy b - 09/18/2014
He smokes chesterfield non filtered.
16.) Swamp Fox - 09/18/2014

I always assumed it was Kool Menthols...:shocked: :wink

Here ya go, CE:

17.) bluecat - 09/18/2014
Sorry I missed this one CE. If your willing to pay top dollar...

Can you send me a picture of what you want? Please don't send any pictures of chest or torso unless it is of a female.
18.) Swamp Fox - 09/18/2014
I don't watch much outdoor TV, so I don't know what he's talking about from the boob tube, but maybe something like one of these:

Also, just for SnG's

19.) bluecat - 09/18/2014
Thanks! That helps. CE will need to identify which system he wants to go with but that should give him some good options.
20.) Swamp Fox - 09/18/2014
When he sees the redhead he might just stop reading and we might never hear from him again.

I guess I should have thought of that earlier...
21.) VAarcher - 09/19/2014
I think my daughter can braid one of those
22.) crookedeye - 09/20/2014
I think I found the solution..found an old binocular strap and put a carabeaner snap thing on it.. hooked it with another string that attaches to the range finder.

youre millions are going to have to wait bluecat..thanks anyhow buddy..
23.) bluecat - 09/22/2014
so close...:-)