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1.) Triton Rich - 10/18/2014
[B]The morning didn't start out so well. I headed to my favorite stand on a property a half mile down the road from Dad's house. When I got there, I saw a strange truck in the driveway. A couple other guys also have permission on the place so I had to assume they were out hunting. Crap! I had to pick another stand. I drove back to Dad's and walked down to a stand on the neighbors place. Luckily, I started out early so I made it to the tree right around opening. I pulled up my bow and loaded an arrow and then strapped on my release. I no sooner did that when I looked up and saw a buck walking straight at me 20 yards away! The white antlers looked huge in the dim morning light. He walked right under me and started heading straight away. I had grabbed my bow but I needed to turn from one side to the other. It was tight quarters but I managed to turn without making a sound. By the time I got set, the buck was 20 yards away and going towards an overhanging branch that would soon block my shot. I quickly drew my bow. The buck was headed straight away but soon turned slightly to his right. I did a mouth grunt (my grunt was embarassingly horrible but it worked). He turned even a little more to the right but was still quartering away prettty hard. I took aim but I couldn't see a thing except my brightly glowing 20 yard pin! I looked around my peep to find the deer again and then put the peep back p to my eye. For a second I still couldn't see but suddenly his front leg appeared to me. I followed up to the chest, raised the pin a bit more and cut her loose. The nockturnal lit up as the arrow headed toward the front end of the deer. Unfortunately, the light went out as soon as the arrow hit. This is the first year I've hunted with lighted nocks (because P and Y lifted the restriction) so it is funny that my first shot was in dim light. Very dissapointing that it failed even after a bunch of practice shots that worked fine. The buck ran off in a semi-circle through the grass I was hunting over before dissapearing into the woods. I never heard a crash but about a min later, I heard noises that sounded like him struggling on the ground. I was unsure of the hit so the doubts started to creep in. I settled down and decided I wouldn't move for half hour or so. About ten minutes later, some movement caught my eye. My first thought was it was my buck flopping around, I really started to doubt everything! I put my binoculars up and saw it was a buck similar in size to the one I shot but he was just thrashing some brush with his antlers. Soon he wandered off as I was going over everything in my head. I reassured myself that I had hit the buck well and the second buck just happened by. By now it was getting much brighter out. I glassed the area where the buck had stood and spotted some large splashes of blood. Relief swept over me, I had hit him well! By then it had been half an hour. I snuck out of the tree silently and gingerly walked over to look for my arrow. I found it right away and it was covered in blood. I followed the first 20 feet of the blood trail and there was heavy sign. I was thinking there was still a good chance it was a single lung hit so I went up to the house. I waited another 20 min and then hopped on the ATV and headed back down the hill. I picked up the trail and followed about 30 yards through the grass. About 5 steps into the woods I saw the white belly, he was laying right where I heard him. He went maybe 50-60 yards total. I have to admit, there was a little ground shrinkage. My goal this year was to wait for a P and Y buck and he will likely be just a tiny bit short. Still a great buck and I'm very happy to have him. Besides, I get another buck tag :wink The hit turns out to be pretty darn good but not perfect. Entry is just under the shoulder blade with the exit just to the left of the sternum. I would like to have hit a bit further back but considering the dim light, I'll take it. I believe I was justified with the extra caution, pretty sure it was a single lung but there was tons of blood so I don't think he was going anywhere. I believe he's a 3 year old we will score him later on and I'll let you know how that goes. It was a very exciting hunt, funny how when things go wrong they sometimes go right!

The Equipment

2011 Bowtech Destroyer 340

Victory Vforce 350 with a Trufire T1 broadhead. 410 grains @ around 280fps

Nockturnal lighted nocks (for now!)[/B]

 photo IMG_20141018_083730812_zpsb0da2e1c.jpg

 photo IMG_20141018_083718811_zps9c4cadfe.jpg

 photo IMG_20141018_075851118_zps5d4fdac7.jpg

 photo IMG_20141018_075956707_zps36e79543.jpg
2.) crookedeye - 10/18/2014
nice one... good pics..
3.) Swamp Fox - 10/19/2014
Great story. I can do a good mouth grunt in the woods about 30% of the time, LOL. I'm perfect in the Bronco, driving around. :wink I think my throat gets dry in the woods.

That's my excuse, anyway, and I'm sticking to it. LOL
4.) billy b - 10/19/2014
Beautiful deer Rich, congrats:hb: Great pics also, wonderful job.:tu:
5.) Triton Rich - 10/19/2014
[B]Thanks guys! I've been sitting here re-living the moment. Pretty awesome. It was nice to sleep in too :-)[/B]

[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;26714]Great story. I can do a good mouth grunt in the woods about 30% of the time, LOL. I'm perfect in the Bronco, driving around. :wink I think my throat gets dry in the woods.

That's my excuse, anyway, and I'm sticking to it. LOL[/QUOTE]

[B]I'm telling you, I sounded like a hen mallard with a sore throat. If it hadn't been a tense moment, I probably woulda laughed out loud! [/B]
6.) crookedeye - 10/19/2014
I don't want to hijack or nothing.. but billy... how come when I shoot something its not 'wonderful?? I never get pated on the back for anything...
7.) crookedeye - 10/19/2014
thumbs up and everything...
8.) crookedeye - 10/19/2014
I mean cmon man...I try hard...
9.) Triton Rich - 10/19/2014
[QUOTE=crookedeye;26723]I don't want to hijack or nothing...[/QUOTE]

You are welcome to hijack any time my friend :ach:
10.) crookedeye - 10/19/2014

thanks rich.. youre a good guy..not like them other guys..
11.) Triton Rich - 10/19/2014
[B]Pics from last year (I believe)[/B]

 photo Cdy00083_zpsf06b1b69.jpg photo Cdy00069_zps2eff868c.jpg
12.) Deerminator - 10/19/2014
EXCELLENT!!!:tu: Very nice buck.
13.) Old Crow - 10/19/2014
Congrats ... :tu:
14.) CHRIS - 10/20/2014
Congrats Rich!!!
15.) luv2bowhunt - 10/20/2014
Congrats Rich! Nice buck, great story.
16.) bluecat - 10/20/2014
Oh baby!
17.) Swamp Fox - 10/20/2014
Rich, do you think you'll switch nocks this year? Do you know which ones you might lean toward?

If there's a high demand, maybe I'll start a lighted nock thread just to see what happens, LOL.

Should I put it in Podunk or Bowhunting? :tap: :wink
18.) Triton Rich - 10/20/2014
[B] Not sure if I'll switch right away. I will do some looking around and see what's out there. I won't be spending a bunch of money so you know what brand that eliminates right off the bat...[/B]
19.) Swamp Fox - 10/20/2014
20.) Hunter - 10/20/2014
Way to go, Rich!! Way to get it done. :tu:
21.) Wild Bob - 10/20/2014
Congratulations! Awesome hunt, beautiful buck! :tu:
22.) ARCHERXP - 10/25/2014
:hb: Sweet brother! :tu:
23.) Ohbuckhunter - 10/25/2014
Congrats brother.
24.) Triton Rich - 10/25/2014
[B]Thanks everyone! I'm back at it this morning but now the pressure is off :-) Good luck afield to everybody![/B]
25.) Pa bowhunter - 10/27/2014
congrats Rich, that's a great buck..:tu::tu:
26.) Fairchase - 10/28/2014
congrats. Nice buck.