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1.) Bob Peck - 11/24/2014
[B]Hunting Buddy: [/B]
I just spent the last hour slowly pushing your way this morning so you might shoot something.

[B]Me: [/B]
Yeah. I know. I didn't see anything. What's with the attitude?

[B]Hunting Buddy:[/B]
You were sleeping.

No I wasn't.

[B]Hunting Buddy:[/B]
Yeah. You were.

No I wasn't.

[B]Hunting Buddy:[/B]
The hell you weren't!

[FONT=Century Gothic][SIZE=3]Oh man. So Busted! [/SIZE] [/FONT]

We took a break for some food and headed back in for an evening hunt. He texted this photo to me while we hunted.

He shoots a doe from 170 yards.
I see nothing and no, I wasn't sleeping. Honest.

Technology and I have a love/hate relationship. :laugh:

There was no round chambered in the .308 and of course the safety was on.
2.) billy b - 11/25/2014
Just resting those tired eyes for a few seconds, perfect timing on your buddies part:wink
3.) Deerminator - 11/25/2014
4.) Deerminator - 11/25/2014
looks just like a little angle when he's sleeping. Doesn"t he.

scope cap is up.
5.) Swamp Fox - 11/25/2014
[QUOTE=Bob Peck;27295]

Technology and I have a love/hate relationship. :laugh:


They're doing some amazing things with pillows these days. There's a guy on TV all the time going on and on about them.

You should look into it...:wink

No more painful Hickory Neck...:p
6.) Bob Peck - 11/25/2014
Gotta be honest with y'all. If someone asked me "What's your favorite thing to do?" (outside of family responsibilities of course) it wouldn't be hunting, drinking beer, smoking a ham or hiking. It would be those impromptu moments in the woods when I settle back and sleep just comes. I don't care if it's 10 minutes or an hour. It's the absolute best sleep ever. It was 14 degrees that morning and warmed up to a balmy 20. I was out of the wind, had the exact right gear on and bam! I'm out. How my bud crept that close for a picture I do not know.

We're getting snow tonight into tomorrow and I'm beyond myself with joy. Hunting on Thanksgiving morning with snow on the ground?! What?!! We only get 2-3 winter "events" (that's what they call snow storms around here in VA) and by my Upstate NY standards what we'll be getting is wimpy (4-6"). Regardless, snow on the ground is better than any trail cam for figuring things out. Woo Hoo!
7.) Swamp Fox - 11/25/2014
Speaking of snow, where's 1Adam12?...Whenever I think of Wisconsin, I think of snow, and him cutting the cheese...