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1.) XJCraver - 11/27/2014
Seems like there needs to be some hunting content around here...

So anyways, I'm tagged out in IL, and wanted to brag a little. First time I've ever done it before Thanksgiving.

Shot this guy on Oct 25 with the bow. He was dogging a doe HARD, and she drug him by my stand 4 times before I let him have it. Made a good shot on him at ~25 yds or so, and he didn't go far. Damn thing died IN a creek though, and it was not a pleasant drag.



Then I shot this guy Sunday, last evening of our first shotgun season. I was in a blind, in the rain, and freezing cold. Hadn't seen a thing in a couple hours and was pretty miserable when all of a sudden, 2 does come shooting out of the timber right next to the blind. 5 seconds later, from across the field, here comes my buck and he's LOCKED ON to these does. Behind him is a smaller buck, who was apparently too big for his britches and decides my buck is in his way. That didn't work out well for him, as he proceeds to get his ass kicked and sent back into the timber.

~10 seconds after that, another buck comes out of the timber from the same place the does did, and tries mightily to run my buck off his does. This didn't work out either, and away he goes all beat up too.

Finally, after all that nonsense (and it was AWESOME, let me tell 'ya!), my buck catches up to the does at 60 yds from the blind. One shot from the 12 ga. and it was all over.




So, great season for me, and I'm happy happy. I've got 2 does I want to take yet so I'll still be out some, but it's nice to know if it's miserable out I don't have to go. There's definitely something to be said for rolling over in the morning and going back to sleep. :-)
2.) Hunter - 11/27/2014
Two thumbs up for a great season! :tu::tu:
3.) luv2bowhunt - 12/03/2014
Congrats on a great season!!! Makes me want to move to IL...........not really but...........congrats to you!!

Not sure why these other goobers aren't all over this.:tap:
4.) billy b - 12/03/2014
Two good bucks & a great season, now you can sleep in:wink
5.) Swamp Fox - 12/03/2014
I saw this and thought I left a congrats but I must have spaced out.

That [B]is[/B] a great season and I enjoyed the story. Nice pics, too.

Once in a blue moon I visit a friend in St. Louis. I always think about trying to coordinate that with a sneak across the border during deer season, LOL.
6.) Deerminator - 12/03/2014
eXCELLENT:tu::tu::tu::tu: great season.
7.) Wild Bob - 12/03/2014
Nice! What an awesome season, good work. :tu:
8.) Pa bowhunter - 12/09/2014
Congratulations on two very nice bucks, that second one though is a bruiser, and it looks like he is on his way to visit the taxidermist, I have never been fortunate enough to watch two bucks square off, that had to be a sight to see..:tu::tu::tu::tu:
9.) ARCHERXP - 12/10/2014
awesome! congrats!
10.) XJCraver - 12/10/2014
Thanks guys!

[QUOTE=Pa bowhunter;27718]Congratulations on two very nice bucks, that second one though is a bruiser, and it looks like he is on his way to visit the taxidermist, I have never been fortunate enough to watch two bucks square off, that had to be a sight to see..:tu::tu::tu::tu:[/QUOTE]

It was indeed. And not only once, but twice in the same sit!! Was a hunt I won't soon forget, for sure.
11.) Swamp Fox - 12/11/2014
[QUOTE=XJCraver;27331]... Damn thing died IN a creek though, and it was not a pleasant drag.



Been there, done that with the creeks and ditches. :tap: :-)

I'm going to use this as my excuse to post a video that I don't think I got around to when PaBowhunter and I were talking about carrying a pulley system to get deer out of bad places. This video uses paracord, but you can size up as long as you use the appropriate pulleys. I have a paracord version and something bigger (I want to say 3/8 inch braid of some type...I'd have to dig around in the Bronco.) As long as it will run through a pulley, won't unravel and doesn't kink all the time, it will work. The less stretch it has, the better, though.)

For dragging deer, you basically find a way to attach your anchor pulley (I think it's technically called the "change of direction" pulley...I'm not sure he calls it that in this video, but other resources will) to a tree in the direction you are headed (Do it with an anchor rope and carabiner, say, as the hoist video below shows), and another pulley at the deer. Of course, then you will pull the two pulleys together, dragging the animal forward. You then take your anchor pulley off the tree and walk it over to the next tree to advance the deer again.

This may only be a 10- or 15-yards-at-a-time process (more if you're willing to carry the extra rope and the terrain will allow) but even that's a big help some places.

If you put together a kit of whatever rope or cord you like with the "parts" shown in the video, and size your anchor rope for attachment to the average tree girth in your area, you have a handy drag aid as well as a hoist.

P.S. You can use the lighter, cheaper white plastic pulleys rather than the heavier "closed pulleys" shown in the video. As long as you can keep the rope on the wheel (use tension, don't over-size your rope to the pulleys you're using) they'll work fine.
12.) bluecat - 12/11/2014
Oh sweet, this is just what I was talking about. I'll comment some more later.
13.) bow-fishhunter - 12/11/2014
14.) bluecat - 12/12/2014
Nice deer!
15.) Pa bowhunter - 12/15/2014
I will be adding one of those to my pack after my recovery of my buck this year..