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1.) bluecat - 12/22/2014
Yesterday, I tried something I hadn't done before, smoke some cheese. Haven't tasted it yet but will tonight.

To smoke cheese you'll need to cold smoke it unless you want your cheese melted. The temperature in the smoker was held at 200 degrees. That's as low as I could get my smoker to go without losing a fire. The temperature inside the smoke box was 80 degrees. The temperature outside was around 40.

I smoked three cheeses, Havarti, Swiss and Colby Jack. I rotated the cheeses every 30 minutes and smoked around 3 hours. The metal tube is a dryer hose.

Will give a taste test tonight.
2.) Deerminator - 12/22/2014
Kinda reminds me of the 70's:wink
3.) Swamp Fox - 12/22/2014
Your firewood corral...Is that two stories or just one? Seems like an excellent use of an old playhouse? :-)

Any reason you use a solid sheet of whatever it is rather than a grate shelf or rack?
4.) bluecat - 12/22/2014
The grate is not solid but looks like that it is in the picture. It is a 1.5 x 1.5 square of stainless steel. I originally built that to be able to smoke jerky but it works perfectly for cheese and my hunting clothes on occasion.
5.) bluecat - 12/22/2014
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;27948]Your firewood corral...Is that two stories or just one? Seems like an excellent use of an old playhouse? :-)

Too funny. I wanted to get rid of that thing but wifey insist that we need it for some reason. So I'm in the process of loading it up with firewood. LOL!
6.) Swamp Fox - 12/22/2014
Get someone to shoot some logs down to you on the slide and you're all set! :grin:
7.) Wild Bob - 12/22/2014
So did you try it yet??? .... Inquiring minds want to know! :-)
8.) bluecat - 12/22/2014
Gonna try it tonight with a little honey mango wine. I haven't tested it either except when getting it ready to bottle.
9.) Wild Bob - 12/22/2014
Well, we'll be waiting to hear how it is.

Are you sure your wife going to let you in bed this evening after partaking in such merriment???
10.) bluecat - 12/22/2014
Think of it as an aphrodisiac.

I hope that wasn't interpreted as racist. :wink
11.) bluecat - 12/23/2014
Tested out the cheeses last night. My favorite has to be the Havarti. I think the fact that it is so mild works with the smoke.

Things I would do differently. I would reduce the smoke time a bit. Two hours is plenty. I would also "cut" the cheese a bit so it isn't so thick. The Colby Jack is the one I probably should have reduced the height. The smoke is not going to penetrate that deep. It doesn't need to penetrate the whole cheese. An inch or two thickness is fine.

Tasted awesome.
12.) Swamp Fox - 12/23/2014

Now I'm hungry...:tap:
13.) Wild Bob - 12/23/2014
Sounds good! :-)

This brings to mind a quote from the world's most interesting man...

"I normally don't smoke cheese.

But I have been known to cut the cheese.

Stay smelly my friends..." :wink
14.) bluecat - 12/23/2014
[QUOTE=Deerminator;27947]Kinda reminds me of the 70's:wink[/QUOTE]

This smoke wasn't green.