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1.) Swamp Fox - 01/15/2015
Post your questions, recommendations, horror stories and comments on this thread.
2.) Deerminator - 01/15/2015
What are the best cable gaurds/ slider thingys and are they avalible for all bows?
Should they be lubricated and if so with what?

Fatory ones seem to rough up the cables alot.
3.) bluecat - 01/15/2015
Wish StringTwister was on here. He makes such a quality product and is so knowledgeable.
4.) bluecat - 01/15/2015
Just purchased some Flemish Strings for my recurve (which hasn't arrived yet) yesterday. Don't know much about them except I was told to get Flemish strings. I looked up on the inner web why people want Flemish strings for recurves and I gathered that it is because they twist so nice to get the proper brace height.

Hope that was right. This is a new adventure for me.
5.) Swamp Fox - 01/15/2015
I've always used the white Teflon slides you see everywhere on the few bows I've needed them. I think Sims might make the ones I've used, but there are others. If a factory slide is causing undue wear, I'd try to get the manufacturer to propose a solution. From what I've seen, I think mfctrs rely on customers to tell them where they've goofed up. They don't appear to catch the problem that affects 5 or 10% of the product (whatever it is) before they let it out the door these days. I'd have to say this is the new normal.

Seems like there's some chatter on AT about new guards and slides every once in a while. I don't usually pay attention since it's usually a lot of noise from a few people who are a little too fascinated by amateur mechanical engineering. I don't gravitate toward them at parties, and I don't tend to read them, LOL.

Here are some after-market options. More than there used to be last time I looked. I wonder what that says.

6.) Swamp Fox - 01/15/2015
I used to see StringTwister lurking, but haven't seen him in quite a while. His site was still up a while ago, but I don't know how active he is these days.

I agree he always gave out excellent info.
7.) Deerminator - 01/15/2015
8.) bluecat - 01/15/2015
I've always heard good things about the Sims slider. However, the last bow I bought had a cable roller. Not a big fan of those.
9.) Triton Rich - 01/15/2015
[B]I know ST was leery about some of the aftermarket Teflon cable slides. Something about sharp edges and cable wear.[/B]
10.) Swamp Fox - 01/15/2015
I kind of remember that, but I definitely remember him saying something about sharp edges on a peep sight. The Red Eye Peep, I believe. I assume they've fixed the problem.

I think the rule is never be complacent about any edge or friction around your string, including wear while carrying. Trust but verify.
11.) Wild Bob - 01/15/2015
I make my own out of deer tendons...:-):wink
12.) Pa bowhunter - 01/15/2015
[QUOTE=bluecat;28599]Just purchased some Flemish Strings for my recurve (which hasn't arrived yet) yesterday. Don't know much about them except I was told to get Flemish strings. I looked up on the inner web why people want Flemish strings for recurves and I gathered that it is because they twist so nice to get the proper brace height.

Hope that was right. This is a new adventure for me.[/QUOTE]

Being able to twist the string and adjust brace height is critical for recurve's and long bows, it aids in getting the best performance and in quieting your bow..
13.) bluecat - 01/15/2015
Hey thanks Pa bowhunter. So I guess the next question would be, is there a particular brace height I would be shooting for? Won't get the riser until February but is it based on the recommendations of the riser?
14.) Pa bowhunter - 01/15/2015
Yes, it is based on the recommendation of the manufacturer, but you can play with that a little to see what works best for you and the bow.

A great book to help get you started, with a lot of great information, is, The Traditional Bowhunter's Handbook, by T.J. conrads..
15.) Deerminator - 01/16/2015
Pa bowhunter is 100% correct. The recommended distance is a place to start.
just takes awhile of shooting to find the sweet spot .
Heavier arrows will quiet a recurve or longbow too, and there is an optimum arrow weight
that combines performance and quietness as well as KE.
Toxo and I shot recurves long before compounds came on the scene.
Are you going to use a tab or glove?
16.) bluecat - 01/16/2015

I have been waiting on a custom recurve for several years and finally I called the guy a few days ago and asked if I was ever going to get it. He said he wasn't going to make them anymore. :bang:

I then did some research and decided to build my own (not one piece custom wood) by getting a Hoyt Excel Riser utilizing the ILF system. This would allow me to use any limb manufacturer that has ILF limbs. Cool eh? ILF = International Limb Fittings - sort of like an AMO standard.

The overall length will be 62". I got some TradTech wood/glass 50# limbs. I'll post up a new thread when it all gets here.

From what I gathered, my bow will be nicer than the Buffalo or Dorado by Hoyt at half the price. Those bows don't have the ILF system either which means you are locked into those specific limbs. Not sure why Hoyt didn't utilize the ILF system on those bows.

People seemed really happy with creating their own.
17.) Deerminator - 01/16/2015
Way cool Bc, can't wait to see it. I might even knock the dust off my Super D:-)iablo
18.) ARCHERXP - 01/18/2015
i'll be in the market for new strings soon. =)

dunno what i'll be going with.
19.) Triton Rich - 01/18/2015
[B]I need some new threads this year too. I'm considering the newer 8190 material. It's supposed to be fast with very little fuzzing. It isn't as stable as 452x which is nearly perfectly stable but I don't mind throwing a twist in here or there. [/B]
20.) ARCHERXP - 01/19/2015
jbk seems to be really popular and for whatever reason it has a 2yr warranty
21.) Deerminator - 01/19/2015
My new Elite came with Winner's Choice. Seems alright but there is a fuzziness to it.
22.) ARCHERXP - 01/19/2015
just ordered a set of jbk
23.) Swamp Fox - 01/19/2015
Did you happen to try to raise Wes?
24.) ARCHERXP - 01/19/2015
I've tried calling in the past, but I always got somebody other than Wes.

Plus I don't think he uses BCY-X.
25.) ARCHERXP - 01/19/2015
the website doesn't work either
26.) Swamp Fox - 01/19/2015
Huh. it was up a few months ago. I guess he folded up his tent. Hope he's okay.
27.) ARCHERXP - 01/19/2015
yeah. i still have a couple of prostring hats from when i shot for him years back.
28.) Swamp Fox - 01/19/2015
Well, if I couldn't get a string from him, I've heard good things about JBK. Dan-o recommended 60X to me. I have two Crackers strings and they are muy excellent, but that's a whole big to-do to get replacements (unless the procedure has changed ). I'm inclined toward Stage 1 unless someone who uses any of the aforementioned pipes up and talks me off the ledge. Strother was/is using them and I've been impressed with what I've seen.
29.) ARCHERXP - 01/19/2015
hmmmm...haven't heard of Stage 1
30.) Triton Rich - 01/19/2015
[B]It does appear that the Prostrings site is not there. That's a bummer. I know Wes was having some medical difficulties, I hope he's hanging in there. I can't help you with recommendations Swampy. I've only used Prostrings and Extreme strings. I wasn't happy with the Extreme ones but I can't even remember why. I somehow ended up on the 60X mailing list so I might just try them out.[/B]
31.) Swamp Fox - 01/20/2015
The stuff I've seen on videos re. 60X is enticing, but I've never handled anything from them. They do seem to have their act together, but I'd be going on Dan-o's say-so.
32.) bluecat - 01/20/2015
Someone needs to call Wes and get his caboose back in here. He's my "go-to" guy.
33.) Swamp Fox - 01/20/2015
Someone needs to clean out his inbox. :wink You should get at least two PMs from me and who knows who else. I have ST's phone number if you want it.
34.) bluecat - 01/20/2015
I think I have it around here. I might try and get him on the horn.
35.) bluecat - 01/20/2015
Sorry about that. I cleared a bunch of messages out. PM away!
36.) Swamp Fox - 01/20/2015
Did anything come in automagically?
37.) bluecat - 01/20/2015
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;28813]Did anything come in automagically?[/QUOTE]

No, unfortunately, you'll have to resend. Sorry.
38.) Swamp Fox - 01/20/2015
Huh. I think sometimes they resend themselves. Probably not if you log off first, though. I mean, like, who really nos all this stuff anyway?

Nothing so important it needs retyping. Let me know if you raise Stringtwister or if you wind up needing his number.
39.) ARCHERXP - 02/03/2015
Any updates?
40.) bluecat - 02/03/2015
I'll try to remember to call tonight. Sorry, I dropped the ball.
41.) Swamp Fox - 02/03/2015
Well, get on the stick, man!

And what's going on with getting a longer harness tether tied? :wink

I need to buy some new rope for that myself. I don't know where January went, LOL.
42.) bluecat - 02/03/2015
Cool, If you are going to purchase rope for that I will be happy to purchase some of that. I measured the length I used for the prussic I pictured and it was 12' so it wasn't near long enough. That rope is so good for other uses to so I wouldn't mind a little bit. Is this going to cramp your style by doing it like this or would you rather just order yourself? I won't be offended if you do. All that I would ask is that when you order for yourself you let me know what you are getting so I know that I can get the same stuff and my rope should work for its intended purpose.

After all you are the expert at all this. :grin:
43.) Swamp Fox - 02/03/2015
Well, I don't know about that, LOL.

Do you know how much rope you want to try next? One idea is I just buy rope for both of us, have it sent to you, and you experiment and then just tie me a tether when you've come to a conclusion, since you're the knot guy and I'm "not." :wink I'm always up for saving my strength, too, LOL. (Plus I might be able to use any short "cast-offs" that you find inadequate, so we might be able to avoid waste.)

I think I showed you some smaller-diameter cordage in my links; That's what I'd be going with. I'll have to go back and re-read to remember the details, though.
44.) bluecat - 02/03/2015
Sounds good. I'm gonna have to dig up that thread and refresh myself. I hadn't forgotten though. It was on my todo list.
45.) bluecat - 02/04/2015
Called last night and the number that I used was out of service. It was the number used on the ProStrings invoice I had.

Swampy do you have a different number than 320-679-2843?
46.) bluecat - 02/05/2015
Talked to Mrs. String Twister last night. Wes is doing fine but is no longer making strings. Boo. Hiss.
Apparently Wes is working full time and it was too time consuming to do both.

I told her to leave the message that we all missed him and wished he'd stop in and say howdy every once in awhile.
47.) Swamp Fox - 02/05/2015
Well, I'm glad to hear he's doing fine health-wise. He was dealing with some weird, nasty stuff.
48.) DropzOfWild - 02/06/2015
If he's not making strings, who would you recommend? I didn't read the whole thread, just shot to the last page..
49.) bluecat - 02/06/2015
I don't know. Maybe someone can chime in.
50.) DropzOfWild - 02/06/2015
there's a shop here that did a monster with vapor trails for $60 I think. I now have the Chill R so I was thinkin that was a great deal & mine should be in same ball park.. last set I got for DXT am not impressed with.
51.) Swamp Fox - 02/06/2015
JBK and 60X are the two leading choices currently, based on a survey of over five Hunting Country forum members...LOL

ArcherXP should have a report on the JBKs shortly, based on a previous post. This must not be a "new bow year" for Bullz-I, because I haven't heard him say anything about strings. I think he automatically replaces the stock Mathews strings.
52.) ARCHERXP - 02/06/2015
[QUOTE=Swamp Fox;29326]JBK and 60X are the two leading choices currently, based on a survey of over five Hunting Country forum members...LOL

ArcherXP should have a report on the JBKs shortly, based on a previous post. This must not be a "new bow year" for Bullz-I, because I haven't heard him say anything about strings. I think he automatically replaces the stock Mathews strings.[/QUOTE]

I ordered a set of JBKs. Not in yet. Owner was awesome on the phone though.
53.) DropzOfWild - 02/08/2015
54.) ARCHERXP - 02/08/2015
55.) Triton Rich - 02/08/2015
[B]I bought a used crossbow this fall for my daughter to hunt with (no luck for her :td: ) it was in need of a new string. I ordered one from 60X using the D97 string material. The string was built in one day and arrived a couple days later. Initial quality looks good and it installed and shot well. Oddly enough, I swear the crossbow is quieter now. I think it the D97 has a little more elasticity in it which may explain this. Anyhow, I'll see how it holds up and report back to you.[/B]
56.) Old Crow - 02/08/2015
Tall Tine Bow Strings

This is a buddy Phillip ... from SD ....Great Guy !!!!

Makes a Great Sets ... Like what he is doing with Pin striped 3 color sets ...


57.) Swamp Fox - 02/09/2015
Sharp! :tu:

Here's a question: Any way to tell a stringmaker the specs you need without knowing factory specs? I have some prototype cams and know that they are not production model specs. I could probably get the prototype specs, but am wondering what are the best ways to measure on my own "just in case".

I assume the string and cable have to come off the bow to measure properly?

58.) ARCHERXP - 02/10/2015
don't have an answer for ya but Jeff the owner at JBK, helped me a ton over the phone making sure I was set up right.
59.) bluecat - 02/10/2015
If it's simple string measurement Swampy then take the string out and pull the string tight. Put one of the loops through a nail or bolt and pull tight. Measure from inside of the loops. I believe I have a diagram if you want me to post it. I went over this with StringTwister one time.
60.) Swamp Fox - 02/10/2015
So, top of the loop (inside) to top of the loop (inside)?

If you can find the diagram, that would help my little peabrain.

I hope to get a chance to talk to the technical guys at the mfctr today, but this would be good info to have and be able to verify on my own.
61.) bluecat - 02/10/2015

Yep, I think you are wanting measurement a. I made up this diagram so I could ask StringTwister awhile back.

Let me know if this flys in the face of common sense.
62.) Swamp Fox - 02/10/2015
Okay, thanks.
63.) Triton Rich - 02/10/2015
[B] That is how I remember it too with the additional criteria that the posts used to stretch the string should be 1/4" and there should be 100# of tension on the string.[/B]
64.) bluecat - 02/10/2015
Not sure how the dimension of the posts would factor in. The way the diagram is you aren't measuring the posts. The smallest circles in the diagram are the posts which could be any thickness and not affect the measured string length. You are measuring the inside of the loop regardless of the width of the string or the post stretching it.
65.) ARCHERXP - 02/14/2015
hope to install the new JBKs tomorrow. Will upload pics if I get to.