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1.) DropzOfWild - 02/03/2015
Actually 2-1/2 months to opening day..... this yr is going to be really special though. ...it's been several yrs since my bro and I have turkey hunted together so we might as well chalk it up as one hell of a good time and birdless...hope yall make those good memories thus spring
2.) Deerminator - 02/03/2015
The best of times.

Wow turkey already.
3.) bluecat - 02/03/2015
This year I'm foregoing all the decoys and just bringing the single Dave Smith hen laying on the ground. I'm tired of birds running away.

I've drawn a line in the sand. Operation Inherent Resolve :laugh:

Sometimes I crack myself up.
4.) Swamp Fox - 02/03/2015
LOL...Good one.

The perennial question: to decoy or not to decoy. I usually err on the side of not decoys, sometimes simply because I'm lazy, but sometimes for a reason, LOL.

Now that I have Mary in the hen house, though, it's gonna be difficult not to use her, because, you know, Crookedeye. :wink
5.) bluecat - 02/03/2015
If I had Mary, I would slather a little lipstick on her and put a garter around her neck and lean her up against something.

I'm mean, c'mon and get it boys.

6.) Swamp Fox - 02/03/2015

7.) bluecat - 02/04/2015

:wink :-)
8.) DropzOfWild - 02/04/2015
I have an old and I do mean OLD set of decoys 2 hens & a Jake called the love trio....I have had great luck over the years and I ponder the same questions too .. to use or not both with the decoys & the blind.... I keep saying I'm going to do it with no blind but can't seem to leave the truck with out it lol... Kind of like the American express card..I think sometimes that I encounter a very smart bird because rarely do they not come in to my set(early season) later, once henned up, they won't get close...I also always state that I'll end up cheating with the shotgun too but never trade it in for the bow...
9.) Swamp Fox - 02/04/2015
I tried bowhunting turkeys with no blind for a long time. I finally gave up, LOL. It can be done if you have the perfect set-up but it's extremely difficult if you like to run-and-"gun" as I do. You never can get a clear bow shot in the woods around here, even if you can find a good-enough tree to draw behind, LOL. Sometime you can get a good field edge set-up, but I don't like hunting field birds if I don't have to, LOL, and you're SOL most of the time if the birds are coming to the field rather than being in it already.

So, after years of frustration, I've found I like to bowhunt from a blind if I can find an open area they're using, because sometimes run-and-gun isn't the right tactic. A lot of times I'll run with the Remington for the first few hours in the morning, though, and then get in a blind with the bow later, when I've had enough of that. :-)
10.) DropzOfWild - 02/04/2015
So....there's a difference? Field birds? I've seen them walk & fly in and out of the field/woods but never noticed a change.. should I be looking for a small mask & cape?
11.) DropzOfWild - 02/04/2015
My Turkey spot is mostly field ... There's a great spot I set the blind but I also believe with a little trimming I could go blindless just haven't gotten the nerve because I know how difficult it can be "as seen on tv"
12.) Swamp Fox - 02/04/2015

"Field birds" are the ones that like to dink around way out in the middle all day while you're sitting on the edge wondering if you should call again, shut up and wait some more, or just crawl away with your tail between your legs. :wink
13.) DropzOfWild - 02/04/2015
Oh ok lol I've encountered "that breed"
14.) crookedeye - 02/08/2015
march 25th here..im looking forward to it. I like hunting in the woods, fields also have been good..seems I usally get a shot off with my bow every year..last year I shot to high and got feathers..20 yards or so...I need to think before I shoot..with all the excitement going on its hard too.
15.) DropzOfWild - 02/08/2015
[QUOTE=crookedeye;29391]march 25th here..im looking forward to it. I like hunting in the woods, fields also have been good..seems I usally get a shot off with my bow every year..last year I shot to high and got feathers..20 yards or so...I need to think before I shoot..with all the excitement going on its hard too.[/QUOTE]

I can relate.... even in a GB I'm a ball of nerves... seriously don't know if I'd be able to even draw in the heat of the battle. I'm more on edge with Gobblers then Whitetails
16.) crookedeye - 02/08/2015
that's what makes it so fun for me..i always try and tell my self.. aim..but that first shot of the year at a turkey its like crap!

like the one year I had a pretty good tom come in ..he kinda hung up but eventually gave me a broadside shot at 30 yards I drilled him in the center don't remember where I was aiming..never could find him... the next evening had a jake about 10 yards and actually thought about aiming.. and he flip and died within seconds.. they are tough..

probally the best of all game I like to hunt..
17.) crookedeye - 02/08/2015
like i'm telling myself right now pick a spot and aim...like I have been all my life. but come opening morning when I hear that gobbler coming in..it could be a different story.. i'm sure i'll forget again...
18.) DropzOfWild - 02/09/2015
I just tell myself "aim high" high they die low they go. But anymore I just wait til they face me and hit the waddle.... haven't had one of them get away or go very far for that fact... I did hit a bearded hen last year and she took flight and never seen her again