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1.) DropzOfWild - 02/03/2015
I have never used this style of release before however I'm anxious to try out....I love tru's releases and haven't owned or tried anything different... In general, is it a pain to get used to a different style such as this ...in theory, to me it seems that it'd be less punching/yanking than a gentle surprise push.... Wrong? Swampy?
2.) Swamp Fox - 02/03/2015
I'm probably the wrong person to ask. I've been edging up to trying something like that for my own hunting for a long time but never pulled the trigger, so to speak.

But this is weird, in a coinkydink kinda way:

After looking over a Hot Shot I helped a friend of mine get (he lost his old one and doesn't do internet, LOL) I'm somewhat more interested in thumb releases than I used to be[B].[I] And as a matter of fact, I'm sitting here looking at his old Max Pro 4,[/I][/B] which he liked well enough before he got his first Hot Shot (which I'm sure is more expensive, but very sweet, with a capital F).

On this well-used release, which I am supposed to figure out what's wrong with and/or talk to Tru Ball about for him, I'd call the trigger more than adequate but nowhere near crisp. Again, though, there's no telling what my buddy has put it through, so maybe a brand-new release would feel different. He asked me to look at this release because it was malfunctioning, but I've shot it maybe a dozen times and I don't see what the problem is.

I think it probably does the job it's intended to do, and as a wrist-strap index finger trigger shooter, I can say it does surprise you when it goes off. Very much so! In fact, I jump when the arrow does, LOL. It would take some time for me to get used to hunting with it. I haven't popped myself in the mouth with it yet, but I can see I'll have to be careful where I put my thumb while drawing and aiming. :-)

If you think you might punch the trigger with your index finger, and if that's the problem you're trying to solve, I think you can do the same with this release, but maybe not if you learn how to let your thumb ride along properly and truly use back tension. Right now, though, I'd have to say I'm still in trigger-punching mode until I get many more shots under my belt with this style release.
3.) Swamp Fox - 02/03/2015
By the way, the release I have here is a thumb PULL firing system. No pushing on the tigger involved, although I think somebody might make releases like that. As I said, though, this isn't really my area.

If only we had some archery guys on here... :tap:...:bad:

4.) DropzOfWild - 02/03/2015
I guess my issue is more of the anticipation and rushing than anything... been shooting the same style releases for yrs but was thinking maybe a change would help slow my roll so to speak... I also think it may bring a little more consistency in my shooting abilities. I am not a bad shot but my skills have faded with age and the lack of shooting due to more parental responsibilities

there's more bow hunters on here? hmmm... must be off season lol
5.) Deerminator - 02/03/2015
I have a True Fire hook.:tu::tu::tu:
6.) Swamp Fox - 02/04/2015
Take this for what it's worth, but it sounds to me like trying a true backtension release would be more helpful than this release, which I view as only slightly different from a trigger finger release. I'll bet you can ride the trigger longer before the bow goes off with the TrueBall or something like it than you can with an index finger trigger, but that's just my guess. My understanding is that it's not really the same surprise and "slow ignition" as a good backtension style would provide, though.

I could be wrong, LOL.

Either way, I could see it taking me a while getting used to it, and I would want to start practicing as early as possible.
7.) DropzOfWild - 02/04/2015
true back tension scares me...I don't think I have enough arrows lol
Although I really have no clue on back tension releases and how they work